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No, it’s Not a Normal Part of Aging

On this episode of Power Up Living, we discuss what’s “normal” from a hormonal perspective with Dr. Kristy Vermeulen. Fatigue and exhaustion, irritability, low libido, vaginal dryness/irritation and weight gain are often considered normal as we age. Dr. Kristy tells why this does not have to be the case, and how natural treatments can help relieve these…

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One of my favorite happy hormone recipes

Enjoy this recipe from Dr. Kristy Vermeulen, who is our guest on the next Power Up Living show. We’ll be talking about Dr. Kristy’s book, Happy Hormones, and the symptoms of hormone imbalance — particularly as we age. Join us tomorrow at Noon ET as Dr. Kristy tells why many symptoms considered normal as we age don’t have…

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Mastering the Stress Remedy for Optimal Health in 2014

On this episode of Power Up Living, host Kelly Galea interviews Dr. Donielle (Doni) Wilson, a nationally celebrated naturopathic doctor. We’re talking about The Stress Remedy and ways to help you make 2014 a year full of health and wellness. Dr. Doni shares: How stress disrupts the body’s synergy A new definition of stress & ways…

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5 Common Health Myths That May Stop Your Progress

By Donielle Wilson Did you resolve to improve your health in 2014? Are you feeling tired, achey, and not yourself ever since the holidays? What I find is that for many people myths about what will help you be healthier actually stop you from achieving your health goals. I want to help you be successful,…

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