April 2024 Color of the Month & Energy Reading

If you’ll recall, 2024’s theme is Refocus; we’re choosing for ourselves what we’ll allow in our spaces and energetic fields. A couple months ago, we explored all that influences our lives and our life visions. We considered all we say ‘yes’ to — plus faced what we may be inadvertently saying yes to by handing over our power, avoiding decisions, and choosing not to say ‘no’ or anything at all!

Wondering how this April 2024 forecast came to be? Our energy readings easily flow from a blend of several methods and practices I use nearly every single day, such as energy healing, Divine & angelic guidance and color theory.


Your April 2024 Color of the Month & Energy Reading

I’m bringing this in to help you revisit, refocus and revitalize around intentional energy in April. Seeing, knowing and choosing the values in every resource in every area of your Kaleidoscope. This will help to Play with a Purpose, unlocking fresh, fun and joyful energy, approaches and experiences.

We’re meant to live vibrant, joyful, healthy, playful, purposeful and meaningful lives. To engage and interact, love, inspire, be inspired, learn and grow, share and care. To hope and dream, to know and show God’s love, to explore and adventure, to see and find and express our gifts and passions.


Color of the Month - April 2024

Color of the Month – Daisy

Allow yourself to be revitalized by the vibes of our Color of the Month, Daisy. This happy hue helps refocus and redirect your energy toward passion and play. Play with a Purpose as you intentionally choose joy and explore what you might enjoy.

Unlock fresh, fun and joyful energy, approaches and experiences. Bring in the spring to your environments with a shot of this color — with daisies, chrysanthemums, lilies, daffodils or roses or images of their likeness.

Not a fan of florals? How about some sun energy? Or that of our feathered friends? Shop the perimeter of your local market or grocery store for lemons, pineapples, bananas, squash, or peppers, Bring in this color’s vibes and energy to help redirect and Play with a Purpose!


A Note About Colors Specified

Colors selected to represent the energy of each month and each week of the year are Sherwin Williams colors. Their architectural and design palette has been my go-to for years! You see the color above, along with the Sherwin Williams paint code plus the RGB and hex code equivalent values. This helps if you’d like to use our colors in your physical spaces or on your digital screens as you Open Up this month.

Here’s to living a vibrant life!


About the author, Kelly

Kelly Galea is a creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur and luminary blessed with a unique combination of wit, grit, intellect and intuition. She helps you navigate the work-life maze of ever-shifting priorities and transform your life through holistic self-discovery techniques and immersive, fun and magical mini-quests. Working with Kelly will inspire you to unveil, express and celebrate your vital personality and lifestyle preferences to create a more harmonious life.

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