2024 Color of the Year & Energy Reading

Happy 2024! This is a year where we reshape and re-form, building upon all the knowledge and knowingness we’ve assimilated, especially the past several months.


Wondering how this 2024 forecast came to be? Our energy readings easily flow from a blend of several methods and practices I use nearly every single day, such as energy healing, Divine & angelic guidance and color theory.


Your 2024 Color of the Year & Energy Reading

It’s taken us some time to get here, and we’re extending grace to ourselves, appreciation for the path and wisdom gained.

It’s a softer, kinder way of being while also feeling more plugged in than ever to our purpose and place within the grander scheme. There’s a quiet confidence, a refocusing of our energies, a turn of the Kaleidoscope, and alignment with a refreshed, beautiful pattern of our choosing.

We Refocus, honoring and respecting our missions, stripped of excess and over complication, simplified and made clearer.

The last several months have helped us simplify, with lessons and wisdom gained to apply to each area of our lives. We’ve refocused on what’s truly important. We’ve refocused on how we want to be, how we want to feel, ways to do with greater ease, peace and joy. We see we can live with vibrancy — in fact, it’s no longer an option not to. What is it all for? Refocused, we each know exactly what it is all for … and we’ll not settle for less.


Color of the Year - 2024

Color of the Year – Dishy Coral

Use our color of the year, Dishy Coral, to help command and direct your refocused energies — spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically — around your mission and priorities. Refocus your schedule to align, making time for that which is important to you.

Refocus on and shift the needle within each area of your Kaleidoscope and on key projects. Refocus and reestablish simplified standards for being, doing and having. Refocus on your joy, the love and light in your life.

It’s a new year, with refocused “old” ideals you’re now ready to experience and live. Refocused, vibrant artistry in motion!


A Note About Colors Specified

Colors selected to represent the energy of each month and each week of the year are Sherwin Williams colors. Their architectural and design palette has been my go-to for years! You see the color above, along with the Sherwin Williams paint code plus the RGB and hex code equivalent values. This helps if you’d like to use our colors in your physical spaces or on your digital screens to help Refocus throughout the year.

Here’s to living a vibrant life!


About the author, Kelly

Kelly Galea is a creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur and luminary blessed with a unique combination of wit, grit, intellect and intuition. She helps you navigate the work-life maze of ever-shifting priorities and transform your life through holistic self-discovery techniques and immersive, fun and magical mini-quests. Working with Kelly will inspire you to unveil, express and celebrate your vital personality and lifestyle preferences to create a more harmonious life.

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