What’s getting in YOUR way?

DisorganizedBy Paris Love

Organization – there are workshops, books, seminars, conferences, postings, and lectures on the topic galore!  You would think the topic would be old by now, but thankfully for me, an organization and productivity expert, it’s just as hot as ever.

That’s because organization can make the difference as described here:

Organization benefits                   Disorganization costs

Successful business ……………………  Doing OK or worse business

Feeling of peace and calm …………..  Constantly panicked or frantic

Reaching goals…………………………..  Straying off goal

Working responsibly………………….. Things falling through the big crevices

Being on top of your game…………..  Playing catch up

Managing your business……………..  Overwhelmed

Ease of everything easily found…….  Searching for hours for your keys

Heading somewhere…………………… Heading nowhere

Easier to take what life presents…… Closing off to life experience


Organized people have an easier day to day life! Of course I have a number of strategies and tips on organization, and you can check my blog and website for a plethora of postings on the topic.

Right now, though, I want to focus on the obstacles to organizing and how to overcome them so you can experience the benefits of an organized life and business.


Challenge #1:  I don’t have the time.   This is likely happening because you’re letting time and circumstance be your boss instead of the other way around.    Time management is a form of organization – you do have time – if you choose to use it wisely.  From another standpoint, organized people DO have time because of the very fact they are organized.  The return on investment of time into a smooth and organized system is usually 200% -or more.  That means for every hour you spend on organizing, you get two hours to do what you love to do.


Challenge #2:  I don’t know where to start.  You are in overwhelmed.  Overwhelm often leads to inertia, and not knowing where to start is a manifestation of that inertia.  Like any other project, take it in small steps.  If it’s your basement, start with one corner only.  If it’s your business projects, start with one project at a time.  Or try allowing yourself 1 hour per day to devote to organization.  Yet another option is to get professional help – another pair of eyes, especially organized ones, can help you see the light at the end of your disorganization tunnel.


Challenge #3:   I’m just not an organized person and I’m fine with that.  That’s cool.  I don’t believe in forcing people to organize their personal or business lives and environments.  I do like to point out the opening list in this article and ask on which side you would rather be. And, I also advise asking yourself these questions:

  • How is my lack of organization affecting the quality of my life, the amount of time for me, and/or the income of my business?
  • How is my lack of organization affecting the quality of other people’s lives?
  • If money and time were no object, would I choose to be organized?


Challenge #4:  I start, but never stick to my organization plan.

Congrats on starting!  Something is getting in your way – can you identify it?  Self sabotage?  Interruptions, or uncooperative family members or staff?  Over committing?   Take a few moments and try to figure out what the block is and then address it.  You may need some support to enhance your stick-to-it-ability.


Challenge #5:  I don’t know how.  Help!

There are professional organizers and productivity gurus out there who can help you, who are trained and experienced, including me.  It takes an organization plan to get organized, and professionals can help you learn the system so you can organize the attic, your office and your life.  While hosts on organization shows on TV can show you some tools you can use, remember that they have a crew doing the work for them.  Your goal is to make it happen.


Paris LoveParis Love is a Productivity and Organizational Consultant specializing in helping overextended professionals strive for a better quality of life infused with meaningful work, wealth, good health and well being. Paris has written articles for NAPO News, Star Lee Magazine, Baldwin Parent, San Diego NAPO News, Organizing A to Z, BrownSkin Magazine, Online Organizing and Home Base Quarterly. You can catch Paris on A & E “Hoarders” where she helps a family in crisis. Her most recent book, Fifty Tips to Get You Organized in Ten Minutes or Less and Growing Pains, along with more information on her life’s work and business can be found at www.ParisLoveInstitute.com  or by calling 770-722-2748.

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Kelly Galea is a creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur and luminary blessed with a unique combination of wit, grit, intellect and intuition. She helps you navigate the work-life maze of ever-shifting priorities and transform your life through holistic self-discovery techniques and immersive, fun and magical mini-quests. Working with Kelly will inspire you to unveil, express and celebrate your vital personality and lifestyle preferences to create a more harmonious life.

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