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Color & Energy Reading for the Week of February 8, 2021

Your Color & Energy Reading for the Week of February 8, 2021 When we speak of Body in our Kaleidoscope community, we’re talking Health and Wellness. As we refer to another area, Mind, you may not think Body goes beyond our physical bodies. Know that we’re speaking of all our human bodies require for health…

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Go With Your Gut

On this episode of Power Up Living, host Kelly Galea talks with Tina Leigh, certified wellness practitioner. Discover how the familiar knot in your gut is a secret weapon to you achieving optimal health!   Tina shares her insights, plus tips on what super busy people who are always on the run can do. Learn…

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Car Texting and My Angry Gut

~By Tina Leigh~ Until about a year ago, I harbored a shameful secret: I was a “car texter.” Routinely, while speeding down the highway, I’d rest my iPhone in my hand and type as I drove––one eye down, the other on the road. The worst part: It’s not as if I didn’t understand the consequences.…

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The Creativity and Wellness Connection

Do you consider yourself to be creative? Do you think creativity is reserved for the lucky few who have certain skills and talents? It’s amazing how often people are quick to declare themselves as not creative simply because they don’t paint or play an instrument or do something else that is artistic. Creativity is something…

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5 Common Health Myths That May Stop Your Progress

By Donielle Wilson Did you resolve to improve your health in 2014? Are you feeling tired, achey, and not yourself ever since the holidays? What I find is that for many people myths about what will help you be healthier actually stop you from achieving your health goals. I want to help you be successful,…

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