Surprising Facts About Allergies

11FactsThank you to allergy specialist Dr. Susanne Bennett for today’s post!  Dr. Susanne is our guest on Power Up Living, and she’ll be sharing valuable insight about how to eliminate allergies and restore vibrant health from the inside out. If you suffer from allergies (or live with someone who does!), you’ll want to tune in for this episode.

Below are a couple tidbits you may not have known about allergies (courtesy of Dr. Susanne’s “11 Surprising Facts About Allergies,” a digital booklet is based on the findings of her book, The 7-Day Allergy Makeover and her experience helping thousands of patients heal their allergies). Click here to access her “11 Surprising Facts About Allergies,” then share your comments below on what you found most surprising. 

As a person with allergies — but no known food allergies at the time — my quest for relief became a real priority when I started feeling hung over nearly every morning … without having anything to drink! Imagine my surprise to discover a sensitivity to nightshade vegetables, especially tomatoes & eggplant. Bummer for my love of a Mediterranean diet, but wonderful to feel so amazing & virtually headache free. Relief is here, and following a process like Dr. Susanne’s is the key! Looking forward to reading your stories of transformation in the days & weeks to come.  ~KG

By Dr. Susanne Bennett

book cover The7-DayAllergyMakeover-1Approximately 55 percent of Americans suffer from allergies.

Most Americans are allergic to something: pollen, dander, dairy products, gluten, and mold are just a few of the most common allergens. If you don’t suffer from allergies to these or other compounds, you are actually in the minority!

Yet countless people think that their low energy, problems with digestion, or headaches are “normal” when in fact, they may be the signs of undiagnosed allergic reactions. What’s more, people who suffer from one allergy tend to suffer from many, because allergies are a sign of a deeper dysfunction in your system. If your body has a difficult time processing dander, for example, it spends a great deal of resources trying to handle it, making the body more susceptible to other potential allergens in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air your breathe. Only by getting to the root cause of these allergies can you hope to eliminate them for good.


Allergic sensitivities can make you feel hung-over—without drinking a drop of alcohol.

If you’ve ever woken up irritable, with poor concentration, and with low energy, you might be having a “sugar hangover.” If you eat too much fruit and sugar, the yeast and mold that are common in the gut will begin to ferment it. This fermentation produces an auto- intoxication that is similar to what happens when you drink too much alcohol. Your body has a “brewery” churning in the gut. As a result, you may feel exactly like you do when hung-over, without the fun of getting tipsy the night before!


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Dr. Susanne Bennett, D.C., CCSP, is the founder of the Wellness For Life Center in Santa Monica, California. She specializes in allergies, clinical nutrition, environmental and lifestyle medicine, with an emphasis in pediatric and young adult health care. She is the creator and author of The 7-Day Allergy Makeover (Penguin, March 2014), a step-by-step clinically proven program that helps individuals break free from their allergy symptoms by utilizing natural therapies and solutions without drugs or injections. For more info, visit

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