Tips for Creating Content?

Q: “I started a blog and newsletter for my design clients but  tend to suffer from writer’s block when it’s time to post or send the newsletter. What tips can you share to help me to continue to create fresh content?” – Anonymous

A: This is a question I frequently receive when talking with clients about their website, newsletter, blog, Facebook page and social media updates. So many designers just don’t know where to get started, and often get writer’s block thinking about the types of information they can share. Here are some tips to help you to create content for your blog and newsletter (plus your website, Facebook page, etc. – wherever it is you’re sharing helpful information with your ideal clients):

  • Know your audience. What kind of information are they looking for? You can learn more about your audience through surveys, internet searches, and keyword research.
  • When it comes to sharing content your clients will love, what format resonates with them? Do they prefer written words? Are they also looking for photos or videos?
  • Write or speak about what you love, the solutions you provide, and do so from your heart.
  • Put a list of topics together. Inspiration is everywhere! To help you along with this, here are a few topics to get you started: People (in your business, your clients, your vendors and strategic partners), Associations and organizations (those you belong to or are involved with), Products and services (your niche or specialty, new products, promotions), Accolades (certifications, awards, recognitions), Events (those you’re hosting, participating in or attending), industry information (news, trends, updates), Your expertise (tips, tricks, top 10 and how-to guides, before and after reviews, case studies), and Your business (company and team information, testimonials, partner and affiliate spotlights).
  • To get started, select just one topic and put an outline together. Then select a section of that outline and just write! Write without editing yourself. Set a goal (e.g. write one paragraph), set a timer, and write (or type).If writer’s block has you down, skip the pen and paper (or keyboard) and talk about a subject; record yourself (audio or video) then have the recording or video transcribed.

    Finally, pull all your content together for the topic selected. This is the time to edit and finesse. (Another tip: If you’re writing an article for your newsletter, keep it to 500 words or less).

Continue to create fresh content, in formats that resonate with both you and your design clients, by putting together a process that works for you (based on what you’ve found helpful from the tips above) and working that process consistently.
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