My relationship with the seasons

seasonsBy Dr. Saskia Coté, Relationship Editor

One of the things that I like to think of as we go from spring to summer is new beginnings. I know most of us probably think of new beginnings when spring rolls around, not necessarily when summer is almost here. Once I start wondering, my mind takes me to windy paths and unknown corners. Do you reflect on the seasons?  Or maybe in the winter? Perhaps on how you can use that time to hibernate, to go inside yourself before you come out as a new you?

This winter has been an especially long one for me, and it seemed like spring was never going to come. In the end it did of course, like spring always does. It just gave me a little bit longer to look inside, and see what was going on with me, my life, and so on. I started to think about my new beginnings and what it is I am planning, dreaming, creating and/or imagining. See the seeds had already been planted; in some cases maybe many years ago. It is just now that I am starting to realize that. It has only been in the past few years that I have started to use the seasons to reflect on my own life and self.

To me the fall is so nice because all the leaves are starting to turn, like old ideas or believes that are no longer needed. Fall is a time of letting go of those things we no want or no longer need to hold on to. At the same time in the fall seeds fall to the ground like acorns, nuts, apples and the likes. In other words, the seeds already get planted for the spring. In the winter I can sit inside maybe by the fire nice and cozy and use the time to reflect to rest and reflect so that in the spring I can come out with a new beginning. Start my new plans or simply continue with what I was doing with the renewed energy. That brings me back to summer. And how do you view summer? Not just any summer, but how do you view this summer? Your summer! For me this summer is a time that makes me think of joy and having fun, laughter and being outside. If there is a time to show yourself or your ideas, the summer probably would be nature’s season to do it. The long winter dragging into spring, and the wet spring staying cold and grey, are simply nature’s way of giving us some more quiet time before we come out in full bloom and share our fruits with the world.
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Dr. Saskia Coté is an Intuitive Relationship Coach. She knew that she had a calling in the Holistic Health field after spending time at the Light Institute in Galisteo, NM followed by studying Craniosacral with The Upledger Institute Europe in 1990. She moved from the Netherlands to Santa Fe, NM where she went to the New Mexico Academy for Healing Arts in 1991. Saskia has always enjoyed the educational aspects of her work. It is with that energy and intention that she guides her classes, conducts her sessions and holds retreats. She has been a certified Holistic Health Counselor since 2006, offering private consultations in the United States and the Netherlands. Continuing her own personal and professional development, she graduated in April 2008 as a Doctor of C.O.R.E Education. Saskia has designed a number of continuing educating courses, and produces and hosts Alternatively Speaking at Valley Free Radio. She started her website She has been working on her own healing and helping others for over twenty years.

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