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TonyRobbinsQuoteMatt Theriault, The Do Over Guy, is our guest on the next Power Up Living show. Whether you’re feeling like you need your first or 100th do-over, you’ll enjoy Matt’s perspective & passion for personal reinvention. Here’s an excerpt from his book, Do Over: Why it will work now when it didn’t work then. Enjoy! ~KG


The expression “knowledge is power” is embedded in our culture; however, that expression by itself is not entirely true — it is not complete. A more accurate revision could be “knowledge is potential power.” Until knowledge is applied, it does not represent actual power. The same is true as it relates to the concepts detailed in this book. By themselves, these concepts will assuredly make a fun and intriguing read. However, if you do not take the commensurate action necessary to have these concepts make a difference, it is likely this book will have the same lack of effect as so many other feel-good, self-help books.

Over the years, I’ve observed an unsettling common denominator in many (not all) humans: many people love to learn how to do something, but very few people approach the actual doing of something with similar enthusiasm. Which of these best describes you? Are you a perpetual student who loves to learn but are always convincing yourself that taking the time to learn just a little more will make everything magically click? Or are you the diligent student who recognizes that learning is an ever-evolving process, and you learn what is necessary to accomplish a specific goal and take action on what you’ve learned? Can you see a pattern in your life with respect to learning and doing? I certainly can. Here’s the good news: if you have experienced the pattern of “loving-to-learn- and-not-doing,” it does not mean that you are stuck with it. You have a choice.

Tony Robbins said it best: “It is in your moments of decision [choice] that your destiny is shaped.” I want to draw your attention to two elements of this quote. First, it is in your “moments” of decision. A decision is not somewhere to get to. It does not take time to decide. A decision happens instantly, in a moment. For most people, that moment happens precisely when the discomfort of not deciding exceeds the discomfort of deciding. Second, it is your decision. Tony did not say that it is in their moments of decision your destiny is shaped; it is your decision. It is up to YOU. So, if the decision “to do” (or any decision for that matter) happens in a moment and it is your decision, isn’t now the best time for you to decide?

Everything you want out of life is accessible out of your application of the techniques and disciplines in Do Over. So, decide. Decide that this is the last book you will read in search of your life’s answers. Decide to do more than read. Decide to READ, LEARN and DO. The title of the book is Do Over, not Learn Over. I can show you the way (as can several authors, mentors, teachers, gurus and coaches), but only YOU can do it. None of the authors, mentors, teachers, gurus and coaches will do it for you. It would not surprise me that, as you read this, you will begin to recognize that you have heard some of these ideas before. It is possible you have been exposed to some of these concepts several times in your life. Not only may you find yourself familiar with some of the ideas in this book, you will find this book brimming with time- honored wisdom. Why? Why would I include in my book that which has been written before? I have several answers for you:

  1. It is possible that I am being presumptuous and this is your first exposure to personal development.
  2. Perhaps you forgot.
  3. Maybe you remember, but this is the time you actually “get it.”
  4. Maybe you “get it,” but this is the time you actually “do it.”
  5. I see no need to reinvent what works (à la the wheel).
  6. What works bears repeating and repeating. Repetition is the mother of learning. If you’re not doing, you haven’t learned and you deserve to hear it again.
  7. The ignored, underestimated, and unknown steps to producing results are incomplete without a foundation – the basics. By bringing it all together, a powerful, effective and efficient system has been created for you, the Do Over Plan.



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About the Author
Matt TheriaultMatt Theriault is an entrepreneur, author, success coach and the host of Do Over, a weekly podcast based on inspiring “come back” stories that teach people how to start over with ease, speed, and lasting success.

Also, the creator of the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast, Matt focuses on financial education, the importance of multiple streams of income, and teaching people how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing.

Through consistent action and self-education he’s been able to rise again, using real estate as his reinvention vehicle. Matt is best known for his seamless blending of personal development and actionable steps to achieving financial independence through real estate.

Matt is the founder of the Epic Pro Academy as well as the acclaimed author of Do Over.

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