How Can a Caring Caregiver Take Care of Their Own Financial Situation?

17789233_sOn this episode of Power Up Living, host Kelly Galea interviews Gillian Pritchett about a topic many of us in the “sandwich generation” find ourselves faced with. How can we take care of our own financial situation as caring caregivers?

Why is Gillian so passionate about this topic? After an international corporate career spanning many years, Gillian solved a redundancy situation by emigrating from the UK to Canada where she rapidly got hired to a senior position in a corporate travel company. After 9/11 she again faced redundancy, moved back to Montreal and into marketing. After her father died in 2005, she started a consulting business in order to spend chunks of time each year with her mother. As her mum became frailer Gillian organised her life so that she could be her full time carer. Using her business – The Business Launchpad – as a platform she drew on her knowledge and business experience to create home study courses for people who wanted to start a business or run an existing business more efficiently and successfully. She is now developing a programme to help other caregivers who need an income whilst being at home to care for a loved one.

During this conversation, we’ll focus on two very specific groups of people that Gillian very much enjoys working with – the carer who needs an income and the former carer and people made redundant in later life. We’re going to look at their challenges and how Gillian is able to help. We’ll also look at how carers and older workers are treated – comparing North America and the UK.

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About our Guest

_DSC9973GillianGillian Pritchett is British-Canadian with a strong international business background in finance, mergers and acquisitions, strategic reviews, marketing and business consulting.

For the past few years she’s worked closely with people starting their own business – guiding them through all the stages of a business start-up from developing and evaluating ideas, setting up and running their business, managing the financial aspects and developing marketing strategies to get visibility and credibility.

Her online business – The Business Launchpad – offers a range of home study courses and mentoring programmes for people starting and running a business.

She also teaches marketing and business strategy courses on MBA programs in Montreal and Prague and runs a marketing company – Weird Fish Marketing.

Gillian is actually a chartered accountant and holds two Masters degrees, both by research, one in French Studies and the other in European Industrial Relations and HR. She has a diploma in marketing management from HEC Montréal.

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