Book Review: The Curious One by Chelsea Berler

The Curious One by Chelsea Berler~ By Jon Payne ~

What a wonderfully inspiring and reaffirming read! The diversity of Chelsea’s paths in life to reach her state of bliss should appeal to anyone from their teens and on that want better. I can’t think of a single genre that I can pigeon hole this book into. It is equally appealing from a business, motivational, inspirational and personal perspective.

Her autobiography takes you past situations and circumstances coupled  and sometimes driven by her inherent traits to create not such a straight path to success. As she learns from her misdirections using traits that we can all relate to, her journey becomes less jagged. Everyone will see a lot of themselves in this book.

I have given my copy of this book to my 20 year old niece. She works two jobs and has had similar tragedy in her life.  I believe this book will help her on the journey to bliss. I believe it can help you, too

So grateful to the Power Up Living Show for introducing me to Chelsea and The Curious One. Chelsea’s story reaffirmed that my own success and sense of well-being is due to my work ethic and value for family and friends that have shaped my life.  And that the missteps I have taken are not mistakes as long as I countered by adjusting and learning from them, creating balance to walk a straighter and straighter line towards happiness. There is no curriculum or diploma that can teach you how to have Chelsea’s success. But her story will guide you on what defined her success.

Click on this link to learn more about this book: The Curious One: From Food Stamps to CEO – One Woman’s Journey Through Struggle, Tragedy, Success & Love

Check out this episode of the Power Up Living Show with Kelly Galea to hear Chelsea share more of her story.

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