Is Your LinkedIn Profile a Dud?

LinkedIn ProfileInterview with Connie Hampton

LinkedIn is the new “Promenade” – the place to see and be seen – the place to cruise on a Saturday night for recognition.

Join host Kelly Galea for this interview with Connie Hampton, who has been using and teaching others to use LinkedIn for professional networking purposes for as long as LinkedIn has been around.  Connie can help you get up to speed! She is a recruiter in the biosciences industry and teaches scientists and others how to strategically grow their networks for new jobs, new contacts and new opportunities.

Things do keep changing with LinkedIn and many people have not kept up. Have you discovered endorsements? Do you know what your skills and expertise are? Do you want to be known for the ones you are getting endorsements for? Have you put on your best face? Do you have a complete profile? Are you following the people, companies, news and influencers you need to be known by?

A LinkedIn Profile is not a resume and is a place to show yourself to your best advantage, link to your career network, present your creations, talk with others in your niche or audience and get known without actually having to put on your shoes!

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Connie HamptonIn 1997, Connie Hampton founded Hampton & Associates because she saw a need for lower-cost, higher-quality executive searches that returned far more precise results — especially in biotechnology and life sciences.

Connie is passionate about her work and brings specialized expertise to the research and interviewing process for each open position. Connie is a member of many biotech and pharmaceutical industry groups and is active in international recruiting groups. She has been a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Recruiters’ Association (BARA) since 1999.

Connie enjoys coaching job-seekers who don’t match her clients’ needs — teaching them how to refine their own search process and move forward. In 2011 she started Network Polish Kit to help professionals in the biotech/biopharma world manage their careers and take the next step.

Connie brings to her recruiting and coaching work a knowledge base from her time in a successful sales career in legal, paper and chemicals that dates from before her move to into executive search and research and her training at CTI in coaching.

She also has raised 3 very competent children, an anthropologist, a physicist and one on her way to an MD. Connie herself graduated from Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, BA cum laude in religion.


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