The Myth Busted – I Have No One to Delegate To

support~ By Lisa Crilley Mallis, time strategy visionary

How many times have you heard a time management expert explain that effective delegating is the surest way to success?

It makes sense – each time you can take a task off your plate you’ve just “created time” to work towards your priorities and goals. If you delegated one 30-minute task each day, you could create 3 ½ hours at the end of a week, 14 hours by the end of a month.


Delegating a 1/2 hour task each day can free up almost two entire work days each month.


Delegating is great in theory.  However, it can be a tough strategy to implement. The number one deterrent I hear from my clients when it comes to delegating is, “I have no one to delegate to.”

Today, I’m going to bust this myth!


You can delegate to  . . .

  • Family  (Even a 4 year old can make his bed)
  • Virtual Assistant (Check here for more info
  • Friends (Maybe you have a friend that loves to bake, she can create your dish for your next pot luck)
  • Colleagues (Divvy up the work load – why duplicate efforts?)
  • High School Kids (carpool, landscape .  . .  plus some want practical experience before going to college)
  • College Kids (They have awesome tech skills and often are looking for practical experience)
  • Interns (Many times will work for free just to learn from a professional in their field)
  • Retirees  (An often underutilized source of knowledge and resource for delegation)
  • Office support (Are you using your current support staff the most efficiently?)
  • Specialists (web designers, book keepers, accountants, landscapers, cleaning service, chef, party planner, etc.)


Plus, here are some additional online resources . . .

  •  (Hire Freelancers online – IT/Programming to SEO to Admin to Legal to Sales/Marketing)
  •  (Similar to
  • ($5 jobs)
  • (create a contest for your design work – pay the winner – great for logo/biz card/apps/book cover/postcards)
  • (A resource for finding an intern)
  • (Virtual Assistant)
  • (Use for 15 min tasks)


Hopefully – this list gets you started thinking about resources you can delegate to.  I urge you to jot some ideas down now  . . . while you are in a “find the solutions” frame of mind.


Happy Delegating!


SystemSavvyConsultingLisaMallisLisa Crilley Mallis, owner of SystemSavvy Consulting, LLC is a time strategy visionary.  She is a master at cutting to the heart of overwhelm to help you regain control of your schedule and experience life.   Lisa assists professionals in the direct selling industry implement concrete techniques that can be applied immediately to their daily lives.  Her enthusiasm for finding solutions is contagious, and her commitment to empowering you to find success is transformational.  Post your successes and challenges at

p.s. Be sure to check out these episodes of our radio show where Lisa was our featured guest expert: Is Multitasking an Efficient Time Management Strategy? and Create A.W.E. Inspired Action. ~KG  

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