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Are YOU Sabotaging Your Sales – Unconsciously?

Today’s post was contributed by Alicia Cramer, our guest on the next Creative in Business show. You’ll love Alicia & the information she shares about using hypnosis to help re-condition your mind for business success. Click here to learn more and join us for this conversation.   By Alicia Cramer Selling, for many people, is the…

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Dancing with Greatness

Interview with Stephanie Pollock Hovering is exhausting. Honing is electric. We hover around greatness all the time. We give 90%, instead of 200%. We stall, and circle, and procrastinate, and invent marvelous excuses why-not. But when we hone into our greatness — even just for an hour, a day, or a single decision — everything is…

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7 Mistakes Keeping You Stuck at 5 Figures

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you want to get ideal clients, go beyond dollars for hours, add additional income streams and simplify so you can have a profitable business, work with clients you love, and have more time to spend doing what you love. You would love to go beyond tired to inspired, striving…

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Keeping Your Business Reservoirs Full

What happens when we try to brew coffee without water in the reservoir? Nothing much. A piping hot cup of coffee won’t magically appear without filling the tank. As an entrepreneur or business owner, what are you trying to brew in your business? Have you checked your business reservoirs lately? Or are you expecting results…

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