Using Relational Healing to Thrive ~ Benefits and Teachings

Today’s post is from Teresa Marinelli, Relational Expert & Spiritual Business Coach. Teresa is our guest on our next radio show where we’ll be talking more about this topic of using relational healing to thrive. Be sure to join us by clicking here.   


By Teresa Marinelli

“Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, color, sounds, and work that nourish you.” ~SARK

We are born into this world through another. We are wholeheartedly connected. We instantly and instinctually begin to use our relationship to others; the people, places and things in our lives to learn, navigate and heal. It’s the process of relational transformation. One of the most natural processes in the world.

And then something happens. Over time, mechanisms are put in place that block our ability to relate whole heartedly, to continue the transformation process.
Instead, we begin to simply, endure.

We forget who we really are. We doubt ourselves and become lost in the roles others want us to play, staying in jobs for the “paycheck” and delaying personal fulfillment.

We protect ourselves through stories from the past, stalling our current progress, and our full creative expression.

We surround ourselves with people and objects that keep us where we’ve been, 
not where we’d like to go, causing resentment to build.

We disengage from our authentic selves, our real purpose and our true desires staying in “safe” relationships, preventing full engagement.

We put great pressure on ourselves to achieve success according to other’s standards avoiding professional fulfillment and greater happiness.

Feeling stressed becomes the norm. Feeling stuck, frustrated and confused overshadow feelings of joy and happiness more of the time. The sense, that “something is missing”, continues for years.

Many people wait until the alarms are going off in their life and their business before taking action.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is an easier way.That way is through Relational Healing.

Relational healing is an exciting process that elegantly returns us to a whole hearted state of well being, helping us to listen to the whispers along the way, that are there every day…the people, places and things in our lives.

The Relational Transformation Technique™ employs this process of relational healing by teaching us how to relate authentically…genuinely and with authority. It’s a spiritual way to relate, to ignite our human spirit, those around us and the greater world… for now, and for generations.

Here are five key benefits of Relational Healing:

1. We gain instant clarity by discovering the answers we seek

2. We rediscover and learn about ourselves in a fascinating way and access quicker confidence to thrive in business and in life

3. We easily identify and transform our inner blocks and programming in a productive and efficient manner

4. We learn to be kinder to ourselves and others and live “on purpose” and in joy

5. We reengage to support others in their growth and expansion now and for future generations

Bonus: your intuitive muscle gets strong and toned


Below is a teaching from this technique: Try it out, post your feedback, we’d love to hear about your success!

Yin and yang are two opposing forces that are a part of a greater expanding spiral. With each rotation of the sun around the earth, there is change, there is advancement. We can count on that and we trust this natural cycle. In fact, we don’t even give it much thought.

This same cycle is constantly unfolding in our lives and businesses. So rest assured when the sun goes out whether it’s through the loss of a job/fianances, loss of a client or loss of a partner, the sun will inevitably return.

Yet we often forget that as humans, we have the power to restore the light as quickly or as slowly as we wish.
It can be as simple as asking for help.

This idea of relating and connecting is the secret sauce for any darkness and certainly any light. Whether it be authentically relating to self, others, or our surroundings. In any given moment we can look within ourselves, look to others or look around us to discover the “sun” again..providing the clarity we are seeking and the solutions we are craving.

To continue your advancement in both dark and light times rather than delay your success consider the following exercise from the Relational Transformation Technique:

 If you are in need of personal or professional finances, go fundraise. Not for yourself LOL, for a good cause. Wallace D. Waddles said something all these lines. ”When what you seek for yourself, you seek for all, what you seek will come easily toward you for the advancement of all.” 

Check in on these three things now.

1. Are you surrounded by symbols and objects that help promote a better world (family, community, etc.) or are you surrounded by simply those objects and artifacts that make you happy?

2. Do you offer services based on an income you’d like to make or the bills you’d like to cover, or do you passionately create and offer services to first advance others and improve their lives and trust the money will follow?

3. Are you consistently donating to a charity even when your business falls off or do you pull back to insure all of your needs are met first?

Be sure to share your feedback below and here’s to your sharing your light with the world!


About the Author

Trusted by high profile public officials, celebrities and entrepreneurs making from 9 figures to 5 figures, with their most complex situations and the most intimate of details, Teresa is a recognized expert and leader of Relational Healing and Transformation: to self, others and one’s surroundings.

She’s been featured on international radio shows, local television stations and spoken at holistic conferences on her speciality of Relational Design.

She’s on a mission to teach people how to use their greater physical world; the people places and experiences in our lives, to easily access the answers they need to live authentically and achieve their potential. She’s the creator of the
Relational Transformation Technique™ . She lives in Kinnelon, NJ with her husband, 12 year old daughter and puppy. She can be reached at

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