Power Up Living Personified – Interview with Christine Payne

Christine PayneHost Kelly Galea chats with one of the most motivated and inspirational women she knows, her friend, Christine Payne. Talk about Power Up Living personified!


Christine’s is a story of rising above, and as she says, going from humble to happy. Tune in as this “ordinary person living an extraordinary life” shares hardships faced, lessons revealed, tough decisions made, and how she stays focused and energized (especially on bad days!).
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Christine bikingAbout Our Guest

Wife, mother and three-time Ironman participant Christine Payne courageously left a 25+ year insurance career to pursue her interests and passions. During the day, she’s a sales person at Orange Cycle, Central Florida’s largest bike shop. Early mornings and Sundays, you’ll inevitably find her pushing herself to extremes for the joy of it or because she’s training for a marathon, triathlon, or mountain bike race.

Christine’s energy is uplifting and contagious — if we’re lucky you’ll also discover why certain friends affectionately refer to her as “El Diablo.”

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  • Enjoy some of Christine’s favorite quotes, words of wisdom and mantras:
    – “No matter what happens today the sun is going to rise and the sun is going to set.”
    – “Don’t die with your music still in you”.  -Dr. Wayne Dyer
    – “You can quit, and no one will care, but you will always know.”  Commander John Collins, creator of Ironman
    – “Be willing”
    – Live with gratitude. The bad stuff gives you character you can’t buy in stores.
    – Never let anyone slow you down.
    – Actively seek what you want and stay away from the people who can’t or won’t support your endeavors.
    – Don’t take yourself too seriously. Think about it this way – What would Irma Bombeck do?
    – Stop self-limiting talk and behaviors.
    – Give/love/help  others without consideration for your own outcome.
  • We promised a special post show tip from Christine. We asked, “What is your #1 tip to live a powered up life?” Here is her response:
    Don’t limit yourself. Think of yourself as the “and” person rather than the “or” person. We can have both!
    This reminds me of what David Howitt, author of Heed Your Call, shared with our audience earlier this year. Click here for his insight on the Power of “AND.” 
  • See Christine in action!
    Live in Central Florida or visiting Orlando? Check out Orange Cycle and ask for Chris.

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