My Relationship with Gratitude

GratitudeBy Saskia Coté, Relationship Editor

Gratitude used to be in the back of my mind.

However, I am a person who always seeks to improve myself. I’ve read many self help books I have gone through a tremendous amount of self healing. Research has shown that being grateful and being thankful is one way to happiness. Experience has shown me the same thing; when I focus on things I am grateful for, I tend to feel happier. Rhonda Byrne gives perfect examples of how to do that in her book, The Magic.

Feeling gratitude a daily basis helps us to focus on the positive things in our lives. We begin going to sleep thinking about the good things that have happened to us instead of watching the news and waking up feeling grateful for what is about to unfold. It is a way for us to shift our perspective and our attitude on life.

It is not always easy for me to feel grateful; I’m easily distracted and sometimes get swept away in negativity. What about you?

What is your relationship with gratitude?

Does it bring an immediate reaction or resistance? There’s a good chance did it somewhat similar to mine. Some days it’s good and some days it’s not. And even though I know the reasons to be grateful, I still quit often.

Three reasons I’ve experienced to be grateful:

  1. It helps me focus on the things that are important in life. When I am feeling negative, going into gratitude helps me focus on the things that are actually important to me.
  2. It helps me change my attitude. I can go from being annoyed at work to feeling grateful that I have a job, or being bummed out I’m not feeling well to being grateful that I am healthy most of the time.
  3. It reminds me to thank other people. Even if I do not get a chance to thank them in person, I will definitely thank them in my mind or a meditation. Everyone likes to hear “thank you,” even for the smallest thing they do.

I have learned to be grateful for my vacuum cleaner, my dishwasher, my washer, my house, my voice, my eyesight, my hearing, my family, and the sound of the birds singing in the backyard. Just writing it or listing it makes me feel better and grateful; it elevates my energy. Some feelings have lower vibrations and some have higher vibrations. That’s where the expression feeling down came from. So how about feeling up? Why don’t we say “I’m feeling up today”? I am ready to feel “up” most of the time.

It is simple: what you give out is what you get back. If we focus on the good things and feel grateful, most of the time, that is what we will be getting back. It doesn’t matter what your emotion is, or what you are trying to change. Feeling gratitude and raising your vibration will start that change.

Thank you!

About the Author

Dr. Saskia Coté is a Massage Therapist, Teacher, Intuitive Relationship Coach and Best Selling Author.  She has been helping others for over 20 years. Saskia was called to the Holistic Health field after spending time at the Light Institute in Galisteo, NM. Her education continued back in the Netherlands studying Craniosacral with The Upledger Institute Europe in 1990. The next year Saskia moved from the Netherlands to Santa Fe, NM to study at the New Mexico Academy for Healing Arts. Having always enjoyed the educational aspects of her work, it is with that energy and intention that Saskia guides her classes, conducts her sessions and holds retreats. She is a certified Holistic Health Counselor since 2006, offering private consultations in the United States and the Netherlands. Continuing her own personal and professional development by graduating in April 2008 as a Doctor of C.O.R.E Education. Saskia has designed numerous continuing educating courses that draw on her expansive education and experience. She is currently the Director of Continuing Education at Cortiva Institute – Boston In keeping with her quest to constantly learn and challenge herself; she currently produces and hosts Alternatively Speaking at Valley Free Radio. Visit her website for more information:


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