What Industry Leaders Are Saying

What do all true industry leaders have in common? They share a message of hope, a vision for the future, and encourage you to learn, to grow and to lead. They inspire you to change both your life and your business.

Too often in the home and furnishings industries, we are hit with messages chock-full of excuses. We can’t do this or that, or this isn’t working because we’re in a recession, the housing market is in a slump, the Internet has changed how we do business. I’m not saying these things don’t exist and aren’t very real situations affecting people in the interior design industry. I am saying you can’t expect these things to just go away, or for things to return to the way they used to be – they won’t. The landscape of the industry has changed, the way we do business has changed, and if you want be successful you must do something to help yourself and those around you.

Embrace change. As they say, it’s the only constant. Open your eyes, your ears, and your heart. Absorb what true leaders are sharing, and contribute to the success of the entire industry, not the pessimism and excuses.

Yes, the landscape has changed and it’s more important than ever to connect with the consumer and your clients. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Gather market intelligence and stay ahead of (or least keep current with!) market trends.
  • Assemble insights from leaders to help you set course and manage risk.
  • Be open to learning new marketing strategies and techniques.
  • Network. Get involved, brainstorm with like-minded peers and leaders, both within and outside of the industry.
  • Request feedback on ways you can make your services or products more an experience to invest in versus a commodity to buy.

Strong leaders and visionaries have support systems, magnanimous mentors and creative coaches.

  • Develop your personal and professional support network.
  • Continually learn with and from others, educating yourself so you can grow your talents.
  • Seek out role models. Study successful people to inspire your own success.
  • Cultivate relationships with mentors who can show you how to be a leader through sharing their experiences.
  • Find and partner with a coach who can help you get clear so you can solve business problems, overcome challenges and get results.

While leaders shine, they encourage others to as well. They are advocates for one another and for all in the industry.

  • Connect to your purpose and use your unique talents and abilities.
  • Focus on your strengths and being “on purpose”.
  • Be the expert you are and share your message with the world.

Successful leaders have defined “balance” for themselves and make the decision to live it. Follow their lead by:

  • Honoring what’s important to you in your personal and professional life.
  • Setting goals in support of that which you honor and value.
  • Caring for yourself, your overall health and wellness, and that of your business.
  • Protecting yourself and your business, your energy, your assets, and your intellectual property.
  • Being your unique self and trusting your instincts. You know what’s right for you and your business. Make the decision to live it.

About the author, Kelly

Kelly Galea is a creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur and luminary blessed with a unique combination of wit, grit, intellect and intuition. She helps you navigate the work-life maze of ever-shifting priorities and transform your life through holistic self-discovery techniques and immersive, fun and magical mini-quests. Working with Kelly will inspire you to unveil, express and celebrate your vital personality and lifestyle preferences to create a more harmonious life.

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