How to Use Movies to Accelerate Your Progress

Reel HappinessOn this episode of Power Up Living, guest expert Lisa Elin introduces us to Cinema Therapy, and how we can turn a favorite activity into a tool for personal transformation.

“That’s part of your problem, you know, you haven’t seen enough movies. All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” Thus pronounced Steve Martin as Davis to his buddy, Mack, in Grand Canyon. And you know what… he’s absolutely right!

We all know movies are fun, but did you know you can actually use them to build a stronger, more secure, more successful life? To speed your progress in any endeavor, and make sure you achieve the best result possible from your investment of time, energy, and money?

Indeed it’s true.

Whether you’re striving to heal something from your past, build something for your future, or just (“just!”) stay sharp and at the top of your game, a conscious approach to watching thoughtfully selected films can help you accomplish that in less time and with more lasting results.

From business to parenting to recovery to relationships to any other area you value, movies can make you better at it.

Watch movies, accelerate your progress. How fun is that?

We discuss:

  • What Cinema Therapy is and how it works
  • Why film is so effective at helping us enhance our strengths and dissolve our roadblocks
  • How to use Cinema Therapy as self-help, or with your coach or counselor
  • How we can use movies to support us with any “growing edge”
  • Tips for your next movie night, and beyond!


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About our Guest
Lisa Elin fell for film early, sparking her 3000+ title repertoire as a moppet with The Aristocats. Even as a youngster she noticed its power to influence and inspire, and to this day the scent of a movie theater immediately lifts her spirits and once even took the edge off a headache.

Personally trained and mentored by the late Thomas Leonard, Lisa was a Charter Advisory Board member and Senior Trainer for CoachU; she’s a Myers-Briggs Qualified Practitioner, and holds certificates in Collaboration Skills, Advanced Mediation, and Cinema Therapy.

Most importantly to her clients, Lisa is an “experienced phoenix.” Having overcome a severe childhood trauma, the approach she used in engaging the recovery process formed the foundation of her coaching practice. It then proved itself twice more in her life, first in facing a family member’s addiction, and later in facing her own life-altering chronic illness.

Her approach answers the frequent question, “How did you do that?” and is one that others can learn. Even better, it’s an agile solution that works with any “growing edge.” And best of all, you learn it by watching movies.

As a member of the Houston Film Critics Society, Lisa weaves Cinema Therapy concepts into her theatrical reviews, and when she’s not seeing movies for work, you’ll probably find her seeing them for fun – out with friends, accompanied by needlework, or curled up with a honey (human and/or canine).

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