How to Be More Creative

Janet Slack

By Janet Slack

It’s amazing how much content you are called on to create to run an online business! Are you finding that your material seems to say the same thing over and over again? Let’s take a look at some tried and true methods to be more creative.

Stop Trying So Hard
One of the surest ways to stifle creativity is to demand it. The more you need to be creative, the harder it will be. Instead, relax and let it flow. If you’re not feeling creative, get up and do a non-mental task. Wash the dishes, vacuum or walk the dog. The best ideas often come to mind when you perform non-creative tasks. (Like in the shower or in rush hour traffic!)

Do Something Physical
When you’re brainstorming and trying to come up with ideas to write about, try doing something with your hands. Juggle. Flip a pencil around between your fingers or squeeze a stress ball. Or stand up and pace. Repetitive hand or body movement stimulates the creative side of our brains.

Write Early in the Morning or Later at Night
It can be easier to write without limits and restrictions when you’re a bit sleepy. Try writing first thing in the morning if you’re slow to wake up. If you are a morning person, consider writing in the evening before you go to bed. Just don’t publish this content without editing it later when you’re more awake!

Use Mind Mapping
Try using creative brainstorming tools to help you find unique and interesting topic ideas. Mind maps are simple tools. You can create them with online software or a simple pen and paper. Write your central idea or niche topic in the center of the page and create branches or spokes from the center. Each branch is a topic idea. You can then add spokes from each new idea to create further topic ideas. For example, if your niche is weight loss coaching and your first branch is weight loss fads, you might then add Sensa, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet and so on.

Tell Stories
Instead of trying to write “content”, consider telling stories. What stories can you tell that are related to your niche? As you are telling your story, think about how it can benefit your reader. How can you help them with your information?

Perhaps most importantly, believe that you are creative. You may be your own worst enemy when it comes to creativity. Don’t allow fear or the belief that “I’m not creative” to sneak into your psyche. You are creative. You are a business owner and therefore capable of innovation and inspiration. Embrace it. Believe it. And work it.

Don’t forget to “Mind your own Biz”.

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Janet Slack is a well-known author, speaker and blogger on topics related to running a successful small business. Janet is a social media expert who mentors and coaches her clients to profit from their use of social media and to be smart and strategic about their business decisions.  Her free ebook Biz Tips: Entrepreneur Edition will give you dozens of ideas to grow your business and earn more income – one step at a time.

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