Fatherhood Is Alive and Well – Interview with Hogan Hilling

Front Cover DADS BEHAVING DADLY copyJoin Power Up Living show host Kelly Galea for this interview with fatherhood expert and author, Hogan Hilling.

While collecting stories from active, involved fathers for “Dads Behaving Dadly” co-authors Hogan Hilling and Al Watts discovered the claim made by the National Fatherhood Initiative and others that “Fatherhood is in Crisis in America” is disingenuous. While it is true there are absent and irresponsible dads in America which causes many difficulties for their children, the greater truth Hilling and Watts discovered, is that most fathers are present, responsible and very involved parents. Today’s responsible modern dads far outnumber the dads who are not involved in their child’s life.  The Dads Behaving Dadly book proves “Fatherhood Is Alive and Well!”

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Hogan Hilling HeadshotAbout our Guest

Hogan Hilling is a dad to three children, the author of six parenting books, fatherhood expert and has appeared on Oprah.  Hilling has co-founded and helped establish several fatherhood networks in the USA since 1992.  He is also an expert on creating father-friendly environments in the community and available as a speaker.  Hilling and Dadly book co-author, Al Watts, have started a “Fatherhood Is Alive and Well” campaign.  Hiling lives in Orange, California.


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  • Show Support badge“There is no dispute the parenting world is mother bias. Moms have driven the agenda for parenthood and now it is time to for dads to make fatherhood relevant by taking action. If dads would like a father-friendly environment, they need to act like friendly fathers, especially to other dads. Dads should join the Dads Behaving Dadly “Father Is Alive and Well Campaign” by purchasing the book, LIKE the DADLY Facebook page, and start organizing dad support networks in their respective communities. To learn how to organize a Dads Behaving Dadly network contact Hilling or Watts at info@dadsbehavingdadly.com.” ~Hogan Hilling

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