Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur ‐ 100 Ways To Up Your Game

Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur

Catch this interview with author Julian Hall

Interview with Julian Hall

On this episode of the “From Corporate to Creative” radio show, host Kelly Galea talks with guest Julian Hall, author of The 10 Secrets of Social Media Marketing and Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur ‐ 100 Ways to up Your Game.

The fact is most entrepreneurs fail, over and over again.

Julian believes that entrepreneurship is critically flawed and has developed the concept of “Ultrapreneurship” which he believes will make entrepreneurs more successful – overnight. Julian encourages aspiring Ultrapreneurs to realise that success in business relies heavily on success in every area of life and not just enterprise.

He guarantees, that if you follow the 100 lessons outlined in his #1 best selling book, not only will you surpass your goals but you’ll achieve them quicker than you expected. And more importantly you will contribute to the world becoming a better place.

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Julian Hall#1 Best‐selling author, international speaker and award winning serial entrepreneur, Julian Hall is behind some of the UK’s hottest start‐ups.

Mentoring entrepreneurs who have gone on to win awards in their own right, Julian has a passion for entrepreneurship and technology and lectures at Universities in London and the Caribbean. He also coaches entrepreneurs, executives, and CEO’s at his Genius Academy and Ultrapreneurship at 90DaysToUpYourGame.com.

For further details about Julian visit his website at www.JulianHall.co.uk

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