But Are You Making Any Money? Interview with Marley Majcher

marleyHeadshot_023_croppedOn this episode of Power Up Living, guest expert Marley Majcher simplifies – in a step-by-step process – the complicated aspects of running a lucrative business in order to monetize productivity.

Up for discussion:

  • How to price yourself for success
  • How to get serious with your small business & stop treating it like a hobby
  • Picking yourself back up after a business bust
  • How to stop being busy & start creating cash
  • Steps to creating a profitable business


Listen in as Marley challenges entrepreneurs to not only think outside the box, but to forget a box even exists! Listen Now via the media player below or Get the Podcast.


About Our Guest

Marley Majcher is the CEO of The Party Goddess!, a nationally acclaimed full-service event planning and catering company, and author of But Are You Making Any Money?, a must-read witty and lauded business guide for entrepreneurs.


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But Are You Making Any MoneyShow Resources

  • Check out Marley’s gift for our listeners where she shares her Top Five Strategies to Eliminate Frustration & Increase Cash!  http://theprofitgoddess.com/pul/


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