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Get 3 Clients Now [Podcast #016]

Are you looking for straightforward, effective & doable ways to get 3 clients or new projects now? By “now” I mean today and within a week. Are you in? Great!   On this episode of “Creative in Business” I share several clear, proven strategies to help you get clients now.  Before we get started, here’s…

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The Psychology of Selling Your Services [Podcast #010]

with Therese Skelly 4/24/13 If you are a service based business owner, selling YOU as the service can be tricky! On this episode of the “Creative in Business” podcast, guest Therese Skelly will share with you: Why it can feel sleazy or manipulative to try to enroll someone into your programs The landmines that YOU…

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3 Reasons to Host a Podcast or Radio Show

Have you ever listened to a podcast or an online radio show and thought, “This seems like something I could do, but will it really help to grow my business?”   Not so long ago, I had those thoughts too. I listened to other people’s shows and podcasts, but hosting my own show was a…

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Follow Your Yellow Brick Road: A Creative System for Success TM [Podcast #007]

On this episode of “Creative in Business”, Kelly interviews Brooke Campbell, Founder and Director of Creative Kinections. A Creative System for Success was created with the firm belief that all human beings possess tremendous talent, which can be achieved through our expression of creativity and imagination.  This creative system references Drama Therapy and is rooted in…

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How to Clone Yourself [Podcast #006]

Running a small business might make you feel like you are in need of clones! You are not alone! In fact, getting cloned is one of the best things you can do for your business. By delegating and leveraging others, you’ll be able to focus on your areas of expertise and you’ll grow faster and…

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Thriving Body, Thriving Business [Podcast #005]

Host Kelly Galea interviews Nichole Kellerman, Weight Loss Mindshift Mentor, on this episode of “Creative in Business.” Do you ever feel like it could be your body that is holding back your business from the next level? Well, you may right – but before you let that self-sabotaging voice (Nichole has named her Helga) start…

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