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Forecast for the Week of October 14, 2019

Forecast & Color for the Week of October 14 2019

Your Forecast for the Week of October 14, 2019

To help Get Shift Done, we all need the help and support of others.

As we honor and respect individual personalities, gifts or paths of purpose, it’s easier to see, feel and know how we collectively benefit.


Show Notes:

  • October’s theme: Get Shift Done
  • Color of the Week: Cayenne


Prefer to read? This week’s forecast, corresponding color and notes can be viewed on our blog:

About the author, Kelly

Kelly Galea is a creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur and luminary blessed with a unique combination of wit, grit, intellect and intuition. She helps you navigate the work-life maze of ever-shifting priorities and transform your life through holistic self-discovery techniques and immersive, fun and magical mini-quests. Working with Kelly will inspire you to unveil, express and celebrate your vital personality and lifestyle preferences to create a more harmonious life.

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