Working with a Pet Communicator

This week’s Power Up Living show guest is Colleen Gordon, founder of Healing for Pets and a talented Pet Communicator, Licensed Massage Therapist and Usui trained Reiki master. What’s it like to work with a pet communicator? Rather than attempt to explain the process, I thought I’d share stories from a few of Colleen’s happy clients! Enjoy, and be sure to tune in to hear from Colleen herself on this week’s show. Click here for all the details. ~KG



This was my first time working with an animal communicator and both of us really enjoyed the experience.  Rocky seemed to get a sense of contentment having someone understand him on his level.  I could tell the two connected.  By the end of our session I had a page full of notes to help me better understand my little guy and ways that I can  bring even more comfort into his life. I’m happy I reached out to Colleen.




I found this kitten at a gas station parking lot; she was hungry but friendly.   I took her home, named her Dolleen, and she settled in ok, but she had some truly quirky traits. Colleen had been such a help to me in the past, so I contacted her again to ask if this kitten was supposed to be in my life. Colleen felt that the Universe knew I was lonely and arranged for me to be at that exact location at a moment in time that the kitten was there. Colleen says she does not feel that my last cat sent the kitten but that I have such a big heart and I want to help. The kitten sensed my kind energy and knew that I would feed her. The kitten never dreamed that I would take her home and give her such a great place to live.  Thanks Colleen for your input and for making me feel more comfortable with my decision to keep her.


Koo KooKoo Koo

Our little sugar glider, Koo Koo, began to show signs of being ill, but the vet was unable to find anything and told us there was nothing we could do.  She appeared to be sad and depressed, so we found Colleen’s website, and contacted her.  After sending Colleen some photos of Koo Koo, she did some communication with our baby.  Colleen said she was pregnant.  We had no idea!  We have friends who bring their sugar glider over to visit, but we never thought they were doing anything but playing together.  We took her back to the vet to be sure, and yes, she is pregnant.  So we are looking forward to a baby really soon.  We think Colleen is amazing, and we are telling everyone about her.

Thanks Colleen!

Karima and Pakash


Colleen Gordon 2Colleen Gordon has been helping people and pets bridge the gap of communication and provide healing in the Orlando area for over a decade. She can understand your pet’s needs simply by asking him or her.

There is help available to heal without chemicals or drugs. If you are worried about your dog’s health or your cat’s behavior, or have an animal that is sick, injured, stressed or depressed, there are alternative healing therapies available to you. Visit to learn more.

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