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TransformYourCareerInterview with Lori Howard

Host Kelly Galea interviews Lori Howard, Career Transformation Coach, on this episode of the “From Corporate to Creative” radio show.


Whether you work for yourself or someone else, career burnout is a serious risk. If you feel stuck in your corporate job, you could already be on the path to burnout. If you have decided to move toward entrepreneurship, and you’re not careful, you could end up experiencing burnout all over again.


How do you avoid the path to burnout and make sure you get to do what you love, and keep doing it?  


In this interview, Lori shares her 3 keys to prevent career burnout along with practical strategies to help you create a thriving, sustainable career that you love.

Get ready to transform your career & love your job!


Lori Howard

Lori Howard is a Career Transformation Coach, Certified Story Coach, and Certified Professional Resume Writer. And she is on a mission to help you love your job and thrive in your career. She wants EVERYONE to be happy at work! Lori has an amazing ability to help you figure out what you really want from a job, and how to get it now.

Experience in a variety of corporations and industries, including IT, financial services, and theater, combined with her personal journey and a passion for helping others embrace what they uniquely offer, have created a have created a skill set unlike any other.  A balance of pragmatism, process, and knowing how to love your job and thrive!

You can learn more about Lori at


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