The Well-Behaved Woman’s Dilemma

Interview with Jen Duchene

Jennifer DucheneJennifer Duchene is the creator of ‘The Polite Woman’s Guide to Radical Rediscovery” and author of the bestseller book Le Chic Cocoon, 7 Steps to Creating Your Selfish SpaceShe is also a Character Code Coach™ helping women to grow their businesses.

  • Who is a Polite woman? A woman who is prisoner to myth and has lost her identity in fixing others. A yes creature.
  • What are her fears & blocks? A polite woman fears disappointing and hurting people in her world. She has been taught that selfish sucks!
  • How to free your real woman. The 7 Steps to Radical Rediscovery – Jen will discuss what steps a woman needs to take to find her yes (and to stop waiting at the someday bus stop).
  • The what and why of a Le Chic Cocoon. How a le Chic Cocoon can help a woman set boundaries, carve time and a couple of tips on how to get started creating that space today.

We teach people how to treat us. Right now we need to stop fixing outside and start connecting to our passion. Jennifer shows us how!

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