The Color of Love

DSCN4906By Dewey Sadka  

How do you snag that first date? Or create passionate encounters with your spouse? Worry, no longer. Cupid has arrived. The world’s first scientifically valid color test discards intimacy blockers and creates sexy bonds by simply revealing how you both express love.  

Well, how does this work you might ask? Simply select your favorite colors and get your romantic partner to do the same. Then read snippets from The Dewey Color System for Relationships: The Ultimate Compatibility Test for Love, Friendship, and Career Success (Three Rivers Press/Crown Publishing) below.


Do you like yellow, blue, or red?





Do you like green, purple, or orange?






If you selected yellow and green: You are a flexible, considerate, sensitive lover that will not rest until you know that your significant other is okay. Make sure you also tell him what you need. Otherwise, you may feel as though you’re constantly giving and getting nothing back. Captivate your yellow-green by simply treasuring his advice and giving unlimited support. An intimate, fulfilling togetherness will evolve.  




If you selected yellow and purple: Your joyful, fun approach to everything and everyone makes you quite the romantic catch. Experiencing new places, constant change, and analyzing growth possibilities for the both of you is a turn-on. Captivate your yellow-purple by encouraging new and exciting escapes. Mind-boggling, uplifting, spiritual adventures will erupt.  




If you selected yellow and orange: Your energetic, vivacious, and inquisitive personality keeps things exciting. You can date or marry into a mundane routine and turn it into a party. Togetherness for you is all about inventing an exciting relationship and keeping it going by constantly reinventing it. Captivate your yellow-orange with unrestricted agendas and discover together fascinating new worlds of playful fun and never-ending, inventive suggestions.  




If you selected blue and green: Your honest, sympathetic listening and commonsense remarks are a stabilizing influence. They allow your significant other to be comfortable with themselves and more intimate with you. Captivate your blue-green by constantly sparking things up. Keep him from being preoccupied with expectations or neglecting his own personal growth and a sexy togetherness will transform your love affair into sheer fun.  




If you selected blue and purple: Your romantic ideas create a charmed, enveloping, forget about practical details love life—especially in the beginning. Captivate your blue-purple by encouraging fantasies. Get him to picture an enticing mood and your imaginative partner will do the rest. Support him by calming his sometimes over exuberant spirit and keeping him grounded.  




If you selected blue and orange: You are a blast—an exciting bundle of energy that can’t be denied. By constantly appraising past experiences, you know right away who or what is best for you. Your constant barrage of questions keeps your love life expectations realistic. Captivate your blue-orange by keeping him foremost in your thoughts. Honor how he treasures you, instead of misinterpreting his intense scrutiny as negative.  




If you selected red and green: By focusing on your romantic partner’s needs, you learn about situations and issues that are of value. Even when your romantic partner puts up a fight, your practical advice creates success. Captivate your red-green by honoring his kindness, concern, and accomplishments. It turns him on and makes him feel secure and in control of his life.  




If you selected red and purple: You are sexy, seductive, and usually get what you want. You need the autonomy to set priorities for the both of you. When your heart leads, there’s no stopping you. Captivate your red-purple by telling him about your feelings. Discussing matters of the heart fuels his desires and gives him the ability to be close to you.




If you selected red and orange: You’re really a big teddy bear. Once your romantic partner has connected with the endearing you, it’s hard to turn him away or discount your many contributions. Captivate your red-orange by being genuinely concerned about him. Showing him you care is sexy. Even though his sensitive side is sometimes hidden, he appreciates your thoughtfulness. It makes him feel safe and deeply loved.  


The Ultimate Compatibility Test for Love, Friendship, and Career Success
By Dewey Sadka

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