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The Abyss and the Ascension

This excerpt was taken from HEED YOUR CALL: Integrating Myth, Science, Spirituality and Business by David M. Howitt and reprinted with permission of Beyond Word Publishing/Atria Books, Hillsboro, Oregon. We’re excited to have David on tomorrow’s Power Up Living show – tune in here to join us. ~KG   The abyss. We all know it—that deep,…

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Career Reinvention: Find Your Inner Getaway Girl

Interview with Casey Wohl 3/20/13 What is Career Reinvention and how can you achieve it? On this episode of the “From Corporate to Creative” show, you’ll hear one story of how major personal and professional life changes led Casey Wohl, The Getaway Girl®, from depression to discovering an unfilled niche in the travel industry. She not…

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A Novelist Follows Her Heart to Success [Podcast #003]

International bestselling novelist Kristin Harmel joins host Kelly Galea to talk about her career, her newest novel, and the way she turned her passion into her business by learning to listen to her instincts, follow her heart, and make decisions for the right reasons. Kristin Harmel is the international bestselling author of seven novels, including…

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Living a Passionate Life

Interview with Donna Burgher Are you … Feeling an inner urge to change what you’re currently doing? Feeling dissatisfied with all or parts of your life? Wanting to do work that is more meaningful and fulfilling for you? Feeling like something is missing? Then listen to this episode, where Donna will inspire & empower you to consciously…

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