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The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love

Love is in the air! To celebrate and help enhance your love relationship, we’re talking with author and couple’s therapist Linda Carroll. Click here to join us for our conversation on Power Up Living and learn all about Love Cycles. To stimulate your appetite for lasting love, here’s an article from Linda about the five…

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10 Ways You Can Embody the Art of Sensuality

Exploring the art of sensuality and ways you can awaken your feminine allure? Then you’ll want to: Check out these 10 tips from Stacey Murphy, Certified Intimacy Coach and Erotic Education Director of Blissful Lotus School of Loving Arts. Join me & Stacey for our next Power Up Living show where she’ll help unleash a more confident & sexy you!…

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The Color of Love

By Dewey Sadka   How do you snag that first date? Or create passionate encounters with your spouse? Worry, no longer. Cupid has arrived. The world’s first scientifically valid color test discards intimacy blockers and creates sexy bonds by simply revealing how you both express love.   Well, how does this work you might ask?…

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