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Beat Burnout But Score Results

Today’s article was written by Marley Majcher and originally appeared on Marley simplifies – in a step-by-step process – the complicated aspects of running a lucrative business in order to monetize productivity. You’ll enjoy the tips she shares as your thoughts are likely turning to a strong finish to this year & preparations for next. I’ll…

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Heed Your Call – Interview with David Howitt

On this episode, host Kelly Galea talks with David Howitt, CEO of Meriwether Group and author of HEED YOUR CALL: Integrating Myth, Science, Spirituality and Business. In this energetic and spirited conversation, you’ll hear: David’s thoughts on how to live a fulfilling, uncompromising life. How this wonderful book came to be, and how it relates to…

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Your Million Dollar Turnaround

What if you could stop desperately chasing the money? And instead, get in front of the money that is desperately chasing you!   That’s your million dollar turnaround.   And that’s Profit Seduction: A powerful avenue that takes the “salesy” out of selling. And not only unleashes the desire for your products and services already…

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Your $10 Million Dollar Business

I was captivated by this post from Rob Schultz, “Your $10 Million Dollar Business: Stop trying to do stuff you hate just because someone said you had to” … which I felt compelled to read a few months ago when he first published it. Major A-ha! moments… and a few times where I definitely felt…

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Build a Powerful Body of Work with Your Startup

Building a startup is a full-scale adventure, laced with adrenaline and terror. You must race to profitability, and prove that your business model has viability, or you will never make it. Why is it worth the work it takes to build a company?   Join “Creative in Business” host Kelly Galea for this conversation with award-winning…

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The Ultimate Driving Machine in Your Creative Business

I’m a car girl. How could I not be? I grew up in the Motor City! My father was an engineer at Ford Motor Company way back when, family & friends were (and happily still are!) employed by the auto industry, and I worked for Ford and various marketing suppliers partnering with automakers. I also…

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