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Financial Zen for Caregivers

What do you do when you  find yourself caring for an elderly parent while trying to provide for yourself and your family? It’s a question being asked more & more as our population ages, as corporate careers become less certain, and pension & retirement funds dwindle or disappear. Welcome to the Sandwich Generation, where we’re sandwiched between aging…

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The 5 Keys to Being a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur is all about building a business that supports a lifestyle of freedom and opportunity. It’s looking at the world as both your playground and a your potential addressable market.   For the last 10 years Jesse Krieger has built over 5 businesses in a variety of industries, from touring America in…

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Build a Powerful Body of Work with Your Startup

Building a startup is a full-scale adventure, laced with adrenaline and terror. You must race to profitability, and prove that your business model has viability, or you will never make it. Why is it worth the work it takes to build a company?   Join “Creative in Business” host Kelly Galea for this conversation with award-winning…

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7 Steps to Get and Keep Ideal Clients

How do you get and keep ideal clients? By designing and building the perfect KLT sandwich! You’ve heard of a BLT, but what’s this KLT? K-L-T refers to the Know – Like – Trust factor essential to building and growing your business. How do you make a KLT sandwich? You start with your target market,…

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How to Get More Referrals to Your Ideal Clients

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, you would love more referrals. After all, referrals are a big part of your marketing strategy, right? But do you find yourself reluctant to ask for referrals – either because it makes you pushy or needy, or because you aren’t quite sure of what to say?…

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Discovering Your True Wealth

As an  entrepreneur or business owner, the journey of discovering your true wealth often takes many twists and turns. This can happen even when you have a map, encountering unexpected roadblocks and detouwers. What if you don’t have a map? Do you have a vague notion of where you’re going or are you just along…

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