Spring is the time to…

SpringBy Paris Love

Spring is the time to “be prepared”…. for hurricane season.  Don’t forget to update your hurricane emergency kit  with new containers of water, replace batteries for your flashlight and radio, change out old canned and dry food items (don’t forget a can opener!), and freshen up your blankets or other fabric items.  Check that your first aid kit is fully supplied, too.  For more on what else makes sense for you and your family in hurricane emergencies, go to ehow.com.  Forecasters are predicting an above average hurricane season, so be a good boy/girl scout and be prepared!

Spring is the time to make like Barbie…  It’s one of my favorite displays I use at onsite workshops and conventions to highlight how easy it can be to get organized.  A Barbie house – after all, if Barbie can be organized, so can you!  Check out some of the Barbie products – there is a place for everything in her house (clothes, accessories, hair care) and besides being a wonderful way to teach children that organization and putting things away is a good thing, we can all take a lesson on decluttering from Barbie.

Spring is the time to turn the house upside down….  It would be really cool if we could actually do that – just empty everything out into the back yard and put back only what we really want, need or like.  In my years as an organizing expert, I haven’t found a way to physically do that, but you can certainly shake up your house and get pretty close.  Start with the kitchen, taking everything out (OK, you can leave the ice cream in the freezer) into another room.  Then clean out drawers, cabinets and counters, and begin putting things back (after a good cleaning if needed) – but ask yourself first – do I really need or want this item?  Get rid of outdated food products while you are at it.  You will love how you feel after this organizing exercise:  light as a spring breeze!

Spring is the time to plan for “I’m bored”… children and grandchildren will be happy to get out of school for the summer, but don’t wait until that hot July day when they don’t think they have a thing to do and you don’t have a fresh idea….  Do a search now online for all the great summer arts, crafts, day camps, and activities your kids might like.  Try to find projects that require your supervision, but that children can do on their own as well.  Check out Activitiesforkids.com for daily summer ideas now so you can plan ahead.  Having those fresh ideas handy on a hot summer day is the cool way to stay organized!

Spring is the time to start a Household Planner… If those organizing and spring cleaning tasks are overwhelming you, get yourself a pretty little notebook and make a personalized household planner.  Go from room to room and make a to do list that includes cleaning, organizing, replacing, changing décor, and other tasks you’ve had on your mind all winter.  Then you can do a task a day and watch your rooms blossom!


Paris LoveParis Love is a Productivity and Organizational Consultant specializing in helping overextended professionals strive for a better quality of life infused with meaningful work, wealth, good health and well being. Paris has written articles for NAPO News, Star Lee Magazine, Baldwin Parent, San Diego NAPO News, Organizing A to Z, BrownSkin Magazine, Online Organizing and Home Base Quarterly. You can catch Paris on A & E “Hoarders” where she helps a family in crisis. Her most recent book, Fifty Tips to Get You Organized in Ten Minutes or Less and Growing Pains, along with more information on her life’s work and business can be found at www.ParisLoveInstitute.com  or by calling 770-722-2748.

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