Operating on All Cylinders: Leadership From the Inside Out [Podcast #008]

Most people think that leadership is about visioning, making things happen, inspiring people, creating strategy, leading the way, and even all about business. It is.  To a point.  AND what’s even more important, submersed and influencing the effectiveness of all of these “acts”, is the energy and presence you bring to your life on a daily basis. Your energy, presence and self-care is like food coloring in water – you can’t separate it out. If your energy and self-care are not aligned, your presence and actions are likely missing power. If you’re not paying attention to your own self-care and directed energy, you’re leaving leadership, joy, connection, and influence “currency” on the table.

In order to be the best instrument of change in our businesses or crafts, and to have the influence we want in our lives, we have to build our strongest personal foundation from the inside out. On this episode of the “Creative in Business” podcast, guest Anese Cavanaugh talks about how self-care and “directed energy”, coupled with a connection to one’s intended impact and personal leadership are essential for us to be the absolute best instruments of change possible for the impact we want to create it the world.
We discuss:
    1. The most powerful resources you have – immediately accessible – for effective connection and personal leadership. These are super powers – use them for good, not evil.
    2. The simplest way to optimize your presence in the moment.
    3. 3 things you can do right now to shift your energy, presence and influence (influence on others and yourself!)
    4. 3 things you can do tonight to “get in front of” yourself.
    5. The 3 things you must do on a regular basis to stay grounded in your most powerful stance as a human being.


Anese Cavanaugh is a mom, entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, and all-around leadership and collaboration expert. She’s considered a trusted advisor, teacher, and thinking partner to some of today’s most savvy business leaders and organizations like IDEO, Chevron, IBM, Cooper, Doorsteps, Citicorp, and others. Anese has been called a “game changer”, a “miracle worker”, and even “wonder woman” by clients.

A noted writer and speaker, Anese has been seen in Shape Magazine, Prevention Magazine, the Miami Herald, Western Suburban, and TNG and on stages across the country. She has received numerous awards for writing and impact, including an award for Professional Woman of the Year for Coaching & Mentoring by the NAPW. Her methodology has been integrated into core curriculum and processes in various leadership institutes and training programs including Youth Guidance Organization, Zingerman’s Community of Business, and the ISAE Leadership Institute where she served as faculty for their executive leadership program.

Anese is currently finishing up two book projects, is the author of The Little Book of Bootism, and was published in the book Stepping Stones to Success (V6) alongside thought leaders Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and others. She swears by self-care, purpose, and impact and currently splits her time between San Francisco, New York City, and Sacramento. You can tweet her at @anesecavanaugh.


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