Goodbye Stuckness, Hello Creativity!

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By Krylyn Peters, MC, LPC, CLC


Something happens when we feel overwhelmed, stressed out, burned out, up to our eyeballs with too many demands and not enough resources to meet them. But have you ever stopped to really take a look at what happens – to your thoughts, to your body, to your emotions?

One word I’ve found that describes that place of overwhelm is STUCK. Stuck in fear and indecision. We feel trapped, unable to move. And it’s a tough place to be.

But there is a way out of that stuckness, and it involves something you already have…Creativity.


No matter how hard you try to fight it or deny it, you do have at least one creative bone in your body. How do I know? Because I happen to believe everyone is creative.

Before you dig deep into your reasons why you aren’t creative, hear me out.

Most people look at creativity as something they posses – a talent or skill that leads to a specific outcome. A painter, for example creates a painting. A musician creates a song. And so forth. But there is a bigger picture of creativity that is often overlooked – the process of creativity.

Have you ever gotten lost or lost something (like your car keys)? Had a problem that needed to be solved? Faced a challenge in your life that seemed insurmountable (or at the very least annoying)? YES. We all have. Did you know that when you found what you were looking for, solved that problem, or overcame that challenge you were being creative?


Creativity is simply about making something new and useful. It’s also about solving everyday problems. What happens is that our creativity gets buried under all those reasons why we aren’t creative. Reasons like:

  • Negative (Stinkin’) Thinking. Our thoughts can really play a number on us. Thoughts like what you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do, or that there’s only ONE WAY to do things, or that you’re not good enough. The truth is our thoughts can betray us and get us to believe we aren’t creative.
  • Negative Feelings. The biggest emotion that can get in the way of our creativity is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of making a mistake. Fear affects our ability to take risks and try new things.
  • Lack of Support or Encouragement. Some of us have come across people who don’t really support us, or may even discourage us from following what we want to do in life. If we listen to them, we might believe we’re not creative, or not worthy of following our dreams or passions (which is where creativity lives).


So what can we do to get back in touch with our creativity? Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Make just ONE small change in what you do. It could be as small as setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier in the day to allow yourself some extra me-time.
  2. Ask yourself “What if” and start to really listen to the answer. What if you did that one thing you’ve been afraid to do? What if you looked for a new job? What if you made that change, or took that class, or told that person something you’ve longed to say? Live in the possibility, not in the fear.
  3. Simply try something new. Check off something from your list that you WANT to do but have kept putting off.


The more you exercise your creative muscles by doing things like the suggestions above, the less overwhelmed and stuck you’ll feel (and be).


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About the Author

Krylyn PetersKrylyn Peters, MC, LPC, CLC, is a licensed professional counselor (psychotherapist), certified life coach, and singer/songwriter who specializes in helping people use creativity to bust through fear, move through life transitions with ease, and effectively manage stress and burnout in order to live their best, most balanced, and passionate life. She was recently licensed to teach the “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway”® process, based on the book with the same title by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. She routinely speaks on topics relating to overcoming fear and using creativity for wellness and good mental health.


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