Fabulous Follow Up: Leverage Connections into Clients

Cathy JenningsInterview with Cathy Jennings 

You attend lots of mixers, meetings, coffees and conferences and collect tons of business cards.  You connect with hundreds, even thousands of people online via social media  But what do you have to show for it?  You’re “busy”, but not “busy” in a good way – with clients and customers and growing your business. Instead, you’re racing around with too much to do and never getting anywhere.

This program will show you that what you do BEFORE you network will ensure your success AFTER you make a connection.

You’ll gain the tools to . . .

  • Discover what ONE thing is missing in most networking and marketing approaches — without this, you will forever be spinning your wheels.
  • Develop an online connection plan to help you make, maintain and leverage your social media connections.
  • Differentiate yourself by doing the little things that over 80% of all networkers DON’T DO – you’ll be shocked to learn how easy and obvious they are!
  • Implement simple strategies to stay top of mind and close more business — these are not overly complex, expensive “gimmicks”, but REAL relationship-builders and business attractors.
  • Create a customized plan for follow up that honors YOUR personality and business goals – not just another cookie-cutter solution that doesn’t work for YOU.

Cathy Jennings, Chief Conversation StarterTM of No Pressure NetworkingTM is a self-described “situational extrovert” and understands that many folks (including herself at times) would rather “chew a wad of tin foil” than network.  🙂

Through her workshops, teleseminars, books and blog she teaches women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professional service providers how to transform their everyday conversations into ideal clients, quality referrals and great opportunities.  Her mission is to help women professionals put some personality and profit into their business networking by leveraging their face-to-face meetings and the power of social media as relationship and business-building tools.

Cathy is also the co-author of two books:  Make Your Connections Count:  Networking Know-How to Make Your Business Thrive and Inspired Entrepreneurs:  A Collection of Female Triumphs in Business and in Life.

For more valuable tips, resources and strategies on networking – both online and in person – visit www.NoPressureNetworking.com

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