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Interview with Paris Love

Paris Love

Are you always doing for others; taking care of others before you take care of yourself? Your projects are starting to pile up. You are busy, busy, busy, hiding out which in turn you don’t do what you need. You put yourself on the back burner and wonder why things, events, situations and business is not going our way. You are hiding out.

Does any of this sound familiar? Or perhaps the following statements apply:
  • You are losing money because you misplaced your client’s invoice.
  • You can’t find quality employees and you desperately need help.
  • You are feeling lackluster.
  • You have given up hope of ever being organized?
  • Your disorganization is starting to affect other areas of your life.
When you are disorganized and running around like a hamster on a wheel you can’t focus on what’s important. You! Your Business! There are several kinds of clutter; mental clutter and stuff you have lying around calling to other clutter to join them. You have to look at the patterns that show up in all areas of your life.
Even if you don’t think in an organized way, you can learn to BE organized.  It’s kind of like those of us who are not natural cooks…. but if someone places a simple recipe in front of you, you can follow it step by step and produce an edible result. You have fun learning the skills. Paris’ mission is to help you create and maintain organizational habits that will strengthen your quality of life, wealth and well being. Allow her to be the Catalyst for Change in your life.

Paris Love is a Productivity and Organizational Coach and President of the Paris Love Productivity Institute. She inspires and motivates entrepreneurs and business owners by coaching and consulting with them on time management, business building strategies, organization and rejuvenating their quality of life. Paris’ goal is to maximize her client’s productivity and support them in preparing for a better tomorrow. As a college Professor and ex-military Sergeant Paris’ energy is quite contagious as she ignites a fire under you so you are able to live out your life’s purpose. Paris’ motto: Excuses are not an option, nor is failure.

Paris latest books Growing Pains and 50 Tips to Get You Organized in 10 Minutes or Less co-authored with Bonnie Joy Dewkett can be found on Her signature program Breakthrough Boot Camp – Insider Business Strategies that Make Your Heart Sing and Your Phone Ring is sweeping the United States.

Paris has written articles for NAPO News, Hope for Women Magazine, Star Lee Magazine, San Diego Statement, Natural Awakening Magazine, Organizing from A to Z, Baldwin Parent, BrownSkin Magazine, OnlineOrganizing and Home Based Quarterly Magazine. She has been featured in numerous publications as well as being an expert writer for Ezine Articles. Paris has been interviewed and featured on several Radio and Television shows and has been the Organizing Expert for IKEA-Atlanta.

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