Bankable Profits with the Brilliant Money Wheel™

Bankable Profits.Want to move from money madness to money brilliance? Then you’ll want to tune into this episode of the Creative in Business show with Kelly Galea and guest Nisha Jackson. We’re talking about creating bankable profits with the Brilliant Money Wheel™.

The Brilliant Money Wheel™ is an essential tool to achieving bold money goals in business. Amongst the essential components of the success of this technique are a money success mindset, strategic placement of the components, identification and implementation of the mix that will get you to the goal in the fastest time possible.

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Nisha Jackson

Nisha Jackson is the CEO of Financially Brilliant Women’s Institute, LLC. She is a sought after Money Management, Business Strategist and Speaker.  She is the breakthrough, transformation specialist, showing women in transition how to achieve financial independence by breaking through their money barriers and business ownership.

Nisha’s passion lies in this arena because she has overcome physical abuse to achieve the success she enjoys today. She has dedicated the last 10 years to helping women realize their business and financial independence dreams!


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