Angel Card Readings

Lifestyle Designer, Crusader for creative expression, and Host of the Power Up Living radio show, Kelly Galea.

Certified Angel Card Reader™, Lifestyle Designer, and show host, Kelly Galea.

Angel Card Readings

Who are these angels?
What’s an Angel Card Reading?

Angels are protective, loving guides who can inspire, motivate and heal, helping us with every area of our lives. They help guide us when we need encouragement, motivation and confidence.

Certified Angel Card ReaderAs a Certified Angel Card Reader™, I guide you in answering questions if you feel struck in a certain area of your life or business. Whether we’re meeting in-person or by phone, you can connect to your angels during our session simply by asking a question. Questions can focus on a particular area like life purpose, relationships, wealth, or health. Your question can be very specific or you can ask a basic question … your angels will guide you in the right direction! Oftentimes, my clients will simply ask the angels, “What would you like me to know today?”

I’m here to help you receive messages and answers to your questions from the angels. Here are some of the card decks I consult and types of readings offered: 

AngelTarotCardsRGB_1 Angel Tarot – Angels and guides provide loving, positive and meaningful guidance for your life journey. This deck is quickly becoming one of my favorites with the incredibly insightful details revealed about major life events and turning points as well as day-to-day events. Recommended for more detailed understanding of situations, challenges and likely outcomes.
– Archangel Raphael is the angel most associated with healing, known throughout the world for his miraculous powers and ability to help those in need. Whether you’re seeking a healing for yourself or for someone else, Archangel Raphael brings miracles and trustworthy guidance.
Life Purpose
 – Enjoy more clarity about your career and spiritual path. Receive illuminating messages from the angels about your true spirit and the life mission you arranged. Explore your life purpose and get guidance with your life path, one that will help others and be emotionally rewarding for you.
RomanceAngelsOracleCards_RGB_1 Romance – Receive angelic guidance about your romantic status. Benefit from more clarity about soul-mate relationships. Discover ways to heal from the past and attract more love into your life.
Fairies – Fairies are beloved “nature angels” who, since they’re so close to the earth, are brilliant at healing and helping with everyday concerns. I’ve found them extremely helpful for communicating with our animal companions.


Choose the Session Best for You

3-Card Reading The most popular session is our 3-Card Reading, where you’ll receive guidance and insight as it relates to your particular question in terms of the recent past, present, and future. Upon completion of your transaction, you will automatically be taken to the scheduling system to book our 30-minute phone session, which will be recorded for your convenience.
Your 3-Card Reading: $45
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12-Month Reading Another favorite is the 12-month reading, where you’ll discover what the angels have to share with you for each upcoming month of the next year. Upon completion of your transaction, you will automatically be taken to the scheduling system to book our 45-minute phone session, which will be recorded for your convenience.

Your 12-Month Reading: $60
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Complimentary Reading for podcast Not quite ready for a deep dive with the angels, but still curious? You’re in luck! For a limited number of participants, we’re offering complimentary readings if you’re willing to share your experience with our podcast audience.By selecting this option, you are providing your consent to share a recording of our complimentary session in an upcoming podcast episode. You many use your real first name, an alias or remain anonymous – I’ll clarify with you prior to starting the recording of our conversation. Upon selecting the link below, you’ll  be taken directly to our scheduling system to book our 15-minute phone session.Click here to reserve your Complimentary Reading for Podcast now.


Thank you! I’m looking forward to our Angel Card session. If you require assistance in the meantime, please contact our Client Concierge Team at


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