5 Keys to Creating a Profitable Product Launch

5KeysProductLaunchDo you want to be well-known as the expert in your field?  Would you like to be paid handsomely for that expertise?  Of course you do!

We all want this but we don’t want to have to work 16 hours a day to accomplish it.  Right?! You love your business, but you want to have freedom along the way to enjoy and spend time doing the other things you love.


It’s no longer new news.  You know that the best way to get your name out there in a big way, with minimal cost and time, is through marketing and building your brand online, but there is so much information coming at you from all sides … and it’s hard to know where to start, where to end, and what all to do in between.


One of the very best ways to get started with building the name and reputation you want, and making good money in the process, is by launching a product.  And not just making good money, but making it month – after month – after month, with doing 90% of the work, just once!

On this episode of “Creative in Business,” guest Pam Blackman shares with you:

  • The best types of products to launch, and how to get started
  • What makes a good product – good
  • The secret to a good plan & strategy so everything goes as smooth as silk
  • How to get your target audience practically begging to open their wallets, and buy your product
  • How to make all of your effort the first time – easy-peasy the next time- and the next time – and so on – and so on.

Come and hear how exciting and rewarding it can be to show up and show off your expertise, and create another stream of consistent revenue!

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Pam-BlackmanPam Blackman is a mom, entrepreneur, strategist, project manager, and consultant, and is known as the “Just Get It Done Gal.”

There are 7-words that describe Pam.  Creative – Fun – Quirky − Conscientious – Tenacious – Professional – No-Nonsense.

For over 25 years Pam has helped business owners get more done, in less time, with less hassle and less balls dropped – which has made her a highly sought after project manager and strategist.

Since 2008, when Pam started her dream business as a Virtual Project Manager, she has helped small business owners and non-profit organizations manage both large and small projects, and develop effective strategies to help them streamline their operations and marketing activities.

Pam has a passion for helping her clients grow their business in the simplest and least complex ways possible, and over the past 5 years she’s discovered that the most important and key project needs for today’s small business owner is getting more exposure, showcasing their expertise, gaining celebrity status, and building their businesses online, as well as offline – but doing so without it becoming a huge chore.  So she jumped at the chance to become certified in specifically managing Online Event Projects, Product Launch Projects, and Internet Marketing Projects, and has helped her clients get seen, heard, and paid.


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