31 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Key to moneyThere are lots of options for monetizing your blog.  Here’s a great checklist my friend Michelle Shaeffer created that I had to share with you:

  1. Write review of products you’re an affiliate for (check clickbank.com or jvzoo.com for products that might be a good fit for your blog)
  2. Add a banner or promo to specific posts or your sidebar for an affiliate product
  3. Create a resources page where you link to affiliate products/services you recommend
  4. Offer a free ebook that includes affiliate links
  5. Create an ebook that’s for sale directly on your blog (check out www.e-junkie.com for an easy sales option)
  6. Create a physical product for sale (it’s simple with kunaki.com)
  7. Publish your own Kindle book
  8. Publish your own print book (check out createspace.com)
  9. Sell ads directly on your blog (plugins like WP125 make it easier to manage)
  10. Sell banner ads through an ad network
  11. Add Google AdSense to your blog
  12. Recommend products with an Amazon affiliate link
  13. Set up Kindle blog subscription as a paid option for your readers
  14. Add a “Tip Jar” where readers can tip you as thank you if they like your content
  15. On the “thanks for subscribing” page of your site, add an offer (could be an affiliate product or something of your own)
  16. Offer your time as “pick your brain” sessions – 30 minutes for $X – around whatever topic you blog about (everyone’s an expert at something!)
  17. Sell ads in your RSS footer or your ezine as you build your subscriber list
  18. Include AdSense in your RSS feed
  19. Setup contextual ads in your posts (check out Kontera.com)
  20. Create a monthly membership
  21. Promote your existing business and attract clients
  22. Promote yourself as a speaker for paid gigs or gigs where you can sell from the stage
  23. Build an audience so you can land a book deal
  24. Offer your services (web design, blog setup, ghostwriting or ghostblogging, etc)
  25. Get paid per post to write for other blogs (look at postjoint.com or sponsoredreviews.com)
  26. Get paid per post for sponsored posts on your own blog
  27. Create a blog to sell or flip
  28. Offer paid reviews to companies who sell products/services your readers would be interested in
  29. Create premium content (available only for a subscription or fee to read)
  30. Create a podcast based on your blog and sell ad spots
  31. Host your vlog videos on YouTube and join their monetization program


And these are only SOME of the ways you can profit with your blog!

Bonus tip: if you don’t have your own business yet and are looking for ideas of how to bring in an income from home with your blog, go to www.fiverr.com and just browse to see what others are offering.  While $5 at a time isn’t a big paycheck, Fiverr can be a great way to get started and generate leads on small services that turn into clients for bigger projects, it may also spark ideas for you that you haven’t thought of yet.


Are you ready to learn more about monetizing your blog and which of these strategies are the right fit for you and your blog? 

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