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Tips for Creating Content?

Q: “I started a blog and newsletter for my design clients but  tend to suffer from writer’s block when it’s time to post or send the newsletter. What tips can you share to help me to continue to create fresh content?” – Anonymous A: This is a question I frequently receive when talking with clients about…

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Questions for Kelly: “Discount Design Services?”

Q: “I’m encountering several clients who are using the economy as a reason for requesting that I discount my design services. How do I handle these requests?” – Lori (interior designer) A: Hi Lori, and many thanks for addressing what seems to be a sign of the times for so many. These clients may be…

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Questions for Kelly: “How to manage my time wisely?”

Q: “Hi Kelly. I’d like a few tips on how to manage my time wisely.” – Krista (interior designer) A: Hi Krista, and thanks for requesting tips on one of the hottest topics for design entrepreneurs … time management! Here’s some of what I hear a lot from designers: You’re working harder than ever before,…

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