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Forecast for the Week of September 23, 2019

Your Forecast for the Week of September 23, 2019  Reality rocks! And the vibrant life you desire is already yours. Just Be and look around you for proof and indications. Sure, it may look a little different than you expected. What is this clueing you in to? How might you connect more passionately with your…

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September 2019 Forecast

What might your life be like if you were to just be yourself? What might it feel like? Imagine giving up the illusions of perfection, “supposed to” and “should.” Imagine letting your mind be free to wander and wonder, to play and picture your most vibrant life. Imagine eliminating distractions, rediscovering and doing what your…

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May 2019 Forecast

Look around. Are you seeing your past desires for meaning and meaningful experi­ences made manifest? Or are new aligned ways becoming more evident? Hint: Think back to something you began in earnest last fall.    Wondering how this May 2019 forecast came to be? Our forecasts easily flow from a blend of several methods & practices…

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