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How to Forgive the Unforgivable

Join host Kelly Galea and her guest Belinda Farrell for this conversation about forgiveness. Forgiveness is often misinterpreted. We cannot change the past or what happened to us. But we can change the meaning we give it. Learn the real meaning of “forgiveness,” which is based on an ancient Relationship Resolution Process called “Ho’oponopono.” Experience the…

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How to embrace your power and move from living in Fear to living in Love

~ Today’s featured article is by Susan Goudy, tomorrow’s Power Up Living show guest and author of  The Journey From Fear To Love Is Shorter Than You Think. Join us here as Susan shares how to move away from old, unfulfilling paradigms and beliefs (and FEAR) towards a consciously created life you’ll love. ~KG    By Susan Goudy First off, recognize…

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Beyond Forgive and Forget

I came across this ezine article by Dr. Sue. I love how she asks us the questions to think about forgiveness and empowering oneself.  See, I think we have all been hurt at some point and time, and maybe we have all been the one to hurt someone else. So in Healing yourself, please ask…

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