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Forecast for the Week of March 9, 2020

Your Forecast for the Week of March 9, 2020  This week, release any judgement you may be subjecting yourself to when it comes to your Found Causes. We don’t need some grandiose, altruist­ic reason to be passionate about something! Consider each area of your Kaleido­scope and visit with your feelings and emotions. Where do you…

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Life Purpose Boot Camp – Interview with Eric Maisel

People are busier than ever but also more frustrated and, surprisingly, bored. Contemporary life stressors and distractions leave many suffering from depression, anxiety, and exhaustion. Psychotherapist and creativity coach Eric Maisel offers an alternative to years in therapy or a meaningless life: an eight-week intensive that breaks through barriers and offers insights for living each…

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Creating a Meaningful Life

An Excerpt from Life Purpose Boot Camp by Eric Maisel Editor’s Note: We’ll be talking with Dr. Eric Maisel live on the Power Up Living show about living each day with direction and meaning. Click here to learn more and join us! ~K.G.  As life gets busier and more complex, we all crave something larger and…

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Secrets of a Creativity Coach

How does a master creativity coach help his creative and performing artist clients from around the world meet their challenges and realize their dreams? Now you can hear for yourself! Join host Kelly Galea and guest Eric Maisel, America’s foremost creativity coach, for this episode of the Power Up Living show. We’re talking about Eric’s book…

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