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Finding YOUR Technicolor Life

Do you ever say to yourself, “I thought there would be more to life than this?” There is, indeed, more to life if you learn how to approach it. You have certain skills and talents that can be sharpened and used in ways you’ve never thought about before.   Join host Kelly Galea and guest Mike…

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Wanna Live Forever? Do Great Work.

Today’s article was contributed by Mike Robertson, who is our guest on this episode of Power Up Living: Finding YOUR Technicolor Life. You’ll love Mike’s sense of humor and the fun personal stories he shares. Be sure to tune in to discover how to approach and do YOUR great work! ~KG ~ By Mike Robertson ~ Are…

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The Creativity and Wellness Connection

Do you consider yourself to be creative? Do you think creativity is reserved for the lucky few who have certain skills and talents? It’s amazing how often people are quick to declare themselves as not creative simply because they don’t paint or play an instrument or do something else that is artistic. Creativity is something…

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Courageous Creativity in Business [Podcast #019]

How to Break Thru the Marketing Clutter so you can Stand out, Get More Attention, Clients & Invitations   It’s going to take more than formulas and marketing tactics to break through the internet marketing clutter.  To stand out in all the noise you have to be brave and embrace creative risk by learning to…

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Do What You Wanna Do – Find It, Focus on It, Flourish

with Kelly Galea  It’s your thing, so do what you wanna do – find it, focus on it, flourish with it! To me, being creative is all about that creative expression of yourself. A way to do that may be in and through your own business. Maybe you’re quite clear about creating a business that fully…

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