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Ep. 24: May 2018 Forecast

Episode 24 - Forecast & Color for the Month of May 2018

May 2018 Forecast This month’s theme is “Magic or Mayhem?” If you allow yourself time for introspection, self-examination and contemplation, you’ll come to realize possibilities, ideas and strategies that may feel quite magical. If, on the other hand, you resist your internal world by continually looking to your outer world for solutions and validation, you’ll likely…

Ep. 18: April 2018 Forecast

Episode 018 - Forecast & Color for the Month of April 2018

April 2018 Forecast We’ve had a lot of practice the last few months tapping into our Intuitively Vibrant selves. As we become more adept at tuning in, we discover a new proficiency in living a vibrant life. We see all the moving pieces and know them for what they are. We realize how they help…

Ep. 13: March 2018 Forecast

Episode 013 - Forecast & Color for the Month of March 2018

March 2018 Forecast You’ve probably heard the saying that change is the only constant in life. Have you considered what this really means to you and for you? Have you thought abut the way situations and things shift from one situation or thing to another? How your life (your Kaleidoscope) is every changing, shifting and…

Ep. 8: February 2018 Forecast

Episode 008 - February 2018 Forecast & Color of the Month

February 2018 Forecast Some days, it’s easy to feel knocked down, powerless, or stuck in neutral, spinning your wheels going nowhere fast. This is not the month for those types of feelings, thoughts or behaviors! Wondering where this February 2018 forecast came from? Our forecasts easily flow from a blend of several methods & practices…

Ep. 2: January 2018 Forecast

Episode 002 - January 2018 Forecast & Color of the Month

It’s a year to shine and be Intuitively Vibrant, so let’s start with a month where we zoom in on: What fits those themes in each area of your Kaleidoscope AND Who will support you the most. Learn more about what to expect this month by checking out your January 2018 forecast.