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Ep. 40: August 2018 Forecast

Episode 040 - Forecast & Color for the Month of August 2018

August 2018 Forecast We have new energy and opportunities coming in. It’s like we were beautiful rose bushes that intuitively chose to be pruned in June. In July, we brought awareness to parts needing to be pruned to encourage vibrant, thriving growth, and now we’re ready to spark inspired possibilities, growth, connections and opportunities. It’s…

Ep. 34: July 2018 Forecast

Episode 034 - Forecast & Color for the Month of July 2018

July 2018 Forecast June brought us “Decide and Go!” energy, and in some cases, much-needed hyper or laser focus! July enhances this focus and lends energy to help you complete the passion projects started, whether many years ago, recently revisited, or embraced the last few weeks. What’s interesting here is the notion of “complete” may…