Journey into the Kaleidoscope
with a Colorful Community

Soul-Satisfying Solutions, Self-Discovery Strategies AND Support

Kaleidoscope Members Enjoy:


"Kaleidoscoper" Advantages

Guidance & support from our caring community:

→  Proven success strategies, timely tools & techniques

→  Actionable advice

→  The ability to focus & increase productivity while experiencing more joy & ease

→  Confidence to believe in your own capabilities & strengths

→  Options & possibilities to overcome challenges and solve your biggest problems


Conversations with Kelly

Two (2) exclusive, members-only live monthly calls featuring:

→ A forecast focusing on what's in store for the month ahead plus a deeper week-by-week dive

→ “Round-up” discussion of the month's & week’s colors and energy, plus what you need to know based on your personal color preferences 

→ Angel messages & affirmations for additional inspiration & loving support

→Open Q&A time where you’ll be able to share & learn from Kelly & fellow members


Library of Resources

Private access to our online learning center & resource library including:

→  Monthly forecast recordings, slides & handouts plus summary notes

→  Monthly angel message & affirmation recordings

→  Monthly Q&A call recordings

→  Exclusive weekly angel card recordings

→  Action sheets, checklists & practical advice, blending strategy & project management know-how with a creative approach


1-on-1 Time

Access to private one-on-one time with Kelly during quarterly members-only office hours.


Priority Access

Easily book private sessions (at a special member rate) as you need them.


Preferred Rates

Members-only 15% discount on products, online courses & group programs.


Advance Notice

First-to-know privileges for upcoming events, new releases & specials.

Embark on a Mini Journey Through the Kaleidoscope

Check out our Kaleidoscope group in action & enjoy a sample of a Monthly Forecast call.

Our Promise

1464570584_guaranteeWe are a community of open-minded, supportive, and loving professionals who are genuinely interested in our mutual growth and development. And we like to laugh and have fun! We're here for one another, both personally and professionally. We respect the privacy and sanctity of the group and its members.

1465332224_Social_interactions_handshake-01Check us out, give us a whirl. Journey into the Kaleidoscope with our colorful community. There is no long term commitment, so try us out for a month or stay as long as you'd like (and we do hope you'll stay, play and grow with us)!

If at the end of the month you decide to continue your journey with us, your membership will automatically be renewed on a monthly basis. You may, of course, cancel at any time.

Try us out for a month for only $27!

We invite you to try us out for a month for $27. If at the end of the 30-day trial you decide to continue your journey, you'll automatically enjoy full membership benefits at a special 2018 Membership rate of $27/month!  


LisaElin_ReelHappiness_Image-Headshot_200x300"Thanks to Kelly’s insight and instruction, I can use my unique color set to process emotional blocks, generate fresh thinking, and design an environment that not only grounds and inspires me, but feels deeply authentic when welcoming company. Her direction and tools are powerful, enjoyable, and lasting!"
~ Lisa Elin,
Lisa Crilley Mallis“Before working with Kelly, I was very unaware of how my color preferences impacted my life. Within our first few conversations, I had new awareness around some of my strengths, specifically the fact that I seldom used my intuition – yet I really was somewhat intuitive! Now, I’m much more open to “non traditional” approaches when making decisions and working with clients. I highly recommend working with Kelly.  She has a unique way of beckoning your talents!”
~Lisa Crilley MallisTime strategy
"There are so many direct and indirect moments of enlightenment that have come from this and it is the gift that keeps on giving. You have a very unique gift of reading people and knowing the steps they need to take, long before they are even aware they are steps! The program is so insightful and the subsequent classes I have taken are spot on and tied into everything that came out of my color readings. Clarity is so freeing and I don’t think most people even understand what that is and how it can change their lives. Some could use it in their current career as I did and others it could totally lead to another career and life path altogether. I look forward to continuing to work with you and see greater potential in my future.” ~ Scott Pace
Erica Kalkofen“Kelly does a great job of forcing you to examine your past, present and future realities of your business. She focuses in on what YOU want to make your life, not how you are getting pulled in a million different directions. That clarification for any business is well worth the entrance fee. Kelly no doubt knows her stuff and is excited to share it with you.”
~ Erica Kalkofen,
"The information from the coaching sessions has improved my awareness that it’s okay to not achieve a 100% solution / resolution at the expense of my personal being. For a person such as myself, I always strive for complete harmony in professional and personal relationships which is not achievable all of the time. Not achieving that level of harmony had left me with a feeling of failure. Now I’m better able to accept, embrace and celebrate those differences in a positive manner and not associate it with failure.  The result is a positive affirmation of my self being which makes me a better human overall.”
~ Jon Payne
Mika112x112“Kelly never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and natural talent to guide me to become a better business owner and to think deeper when handling every task. Kelly really cares about the people around her, and her willingness to help out her clients with her knowledge and experience is so genuine. I just can’t recommend her highly enough!”
~ Mika Howard,
Kimberly Perron“Kelly is an engaging teacher who easily combines color theory with real business tools. I was fortunate to take a private Dewey Color Consulting Course with her and learned so much more than a fascinating color system. During our session I generated TEN PAGES of new marketing ideas where I could use my new DDC training to generate leads and sales. I am so excited about my future and can’t wait to get started using my new system and working those new marketing avenues. I highly recommend Kelly and her business coaching programs. She really understands the challenges faced by creative business owners and helps you find solutions that will work the best for you."
~ Kimberly Perron,
Paris Love"Before working with Kelly, I was stuck and struggling to stay focused on one particular thing. Within a few days, I was able to get clear about my life’s purpose AND take action in getting it done.  Now, I’m laser focused and clients are tripping over themselves to work with me. I highly recommend working with Kelly so you can get focused, unstuck and start living your life on ‘purpose.’ ~ Paris Love, Paris Love Productivity Institute
Christine Meeker Lange"Taking advantage of the Kaleidoscope program with Kelly Galea has opened up my eyes, mind and heart to the limitless possibilities for abundance in our lives. For years, I have felt so incredibly overwhelmed by work, life, relationships – everything. The monthly Kaleidoscope group forecast call remind me of the excitement I felt as a kid getting ready to attend a girls sleepover! It is an hour I relish – not only to hear what Kelly will share, but to connect with other women who feel life fast friends as they tell their stories. I love the variety of information provided on the call and feel so fortunate to have discovered Kelly. Her gentle nature, sense of humor, inspiring words, and nurturing tone – combined with the messages she shares – are a real blessing in my life. And can I say more about the online learning center? I love the organization and the ability to replay recorded sessions I have missed or if I need a refresher. This is my #1 investment in myself each month and the one hour I will not compromise on!"
~ Christine Meeker Lange, IdeaDNA™ LLC